Terminal velocity equation yahoo dating

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terminal velocity equation yahoo dating

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Can anyone help me with this physics question?

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If you wish to post messages on different Rivals. You may opt-out from receiving newsletters and marketing messages from Rivals. Subscribers If you choose to register for a Rivals. This information will be used by Rivals. Since a battery provides current because of a chemical reaction which happens inside the battery and because chemical reactions are temperature dependent, yes, the properties of a battery do depend on the temperature. You can read a more lengthy discussion at this link. If you are traveling faster than the speed of sound while you are making a sound, does your sound travel at the same speed or will it fall behind you?

If you are paddling a canoe faster than the speed of water waves, the waves from the front of the canoe pile up and make a wake so that there are no forward-traveling water waves ahead of you.

The same thing happens with sound and the wake is usually called a sonic boom. If you are inside a supersonic aircraft, everything behaves the same as if you were at rest because the sound travels relative to the air and the air inside the aircraft is at rest relative to you. A motorcycle hit a car the car was not moving and the bike rider who weighed about flew about 30' beyond the impact before landing on the ground.

About how fast would the bike have to be going for him to fly that distance? The rider's weight is irrelevant. This is for the case of the launch being inclined at relative to the horizontal. For any other angle, however, the speed would be greater than this. The graph to the right shows the speed as a function of the launch angle; if the angle the biker was launched was between andthe speed was between 26 and 21 mph. Of course, all this assumes that he was launched with the same speed that he was going which is only a rough approximation.

A decibel dB is a relative measurement of sound loudness, not an absolute measure. It is important to note that, like the Richter scale for earthquakes, dB is a log scale, so an increase of 1 dB is an increase of a factor of 10 in intensity; for example, 5 dB has an intensity times bigger than 3 dB. Please settle a debate in my family: Technically possible, physically probably impossible. The physics is that the torque exerted by your hand grasping the ring would have to be equal and opposite the torque exerted by your weight.

Let's say the ring has a thickness of 5 cm about 2"the distance from your hand to your center of mass is 1 m, and your weight is N about lb. Your hand has a moment arm of 2.

Your gripping hand would have to exert a force of nearly lb on the ring to keep you from rotating about your hand. I think that even if you were strong enough to grip it tightly enough for there to be a lb force, that force would rip ths skin off your hand or perhaps the squeeze would break bones in your hand.

It has nothing to do with the sun's temperature. It is determined by the rate of energy radiation from the sun, the amount of this radiation you intercept with your lens, how well the lens focuses the light how small a spotand what you are shining it on how efficiently the energy in the radiation can be converted into heat energy.

I believe you would be hard-pressed to achieve K in the real world. This came up in my workplace where our towrope are rated to three tonnes and I was trying to explain that it does not mean you could not tow a vehicle over that weight.

This is a good question to illuminate elementary Newtonian physics. Your referring to "dead weight" really has no meaning in physics, but you apparently mean that the object can move with little friction. So, let's assume there is no friction; this is, of course, never true, but it puts an upper limit to anything I do. On level ground, any force will move the vehicle if there is no friction. What matters is how quickly you start it moving, in other words what the acceleration is.

For example, suppose you have a 4 lb fish hanging on a 5 lb test line; if you pull it up slowly you will land it, but if you try to jerk it up really fast the line will break.

This means that if you speed up to 5. Here is an equation you can use which does not include any safety factor: Now I know that it's not as if the pickup is lifting tons-I figure the load on the little pin hooking the shuttle to the pickup will be initially tons times the coefficient of friction for the tarmac upon which both vehicles are riding-am I right? First, read the question and answer preceding yours. Assuming there is negligible friction in the bearings of the carriage for the shuttle, it is not hard to get the shuttle moving with a small acceleration.

Terminal Velocity

In the other question, though, the numbers were much smaller than in your case where there is what appears to be a steel towing bar which would far exceed the strength of a tow rope to tow things with weights of several tons rather than several hundred. So, with such a strong "tow rope" you might think that you could have as big an acceleration as you like.

This will obviously not happen. There are two considerations you need to think about. The second consideration is how rapidly the truck can deliver the energy needed to move the load, in other words its power rating of about hp.

In feet per second, what is the speed of free fall after maximum acceleration? | Yahoo Answers

So, it appears that the main limiting factor on the acceleration is the possibility of the tires spinning. Keep in mind that these are all just rough estimates, but they give the general picture. Just conducted a "singing cymbal" experiment. Was this caused by photon pressure? Or was this somehow an example of momentum even though photons have no mass? It was a really well received demonstration my class project I'm trying to write up a lab report and just really am not sure which if any of these directions I should pursue.

You ask if the effect was caused by photon pressure or momentum—there is really no difference, pressure is force over an area and forces are caused by changing momentum.

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You need a brief tutorial on Newtonian physics, quantum physics, and special relativity. The quantum physics part: Finally the Newtonian physics part: How do you change the momentum of something? Exert a force on it. So, the cymbal exerts a force on each photon to reverse its direction; but Newton's third law says that if the cymbal exerts a force on the photon, the photon exerts an equal and opposite force on the cymbal.

Of course, your photons have a whole range of frequencies since you are using white light, so that formula for average pressure is not really right since you do not have one f in your flash; a blue flash would be more effective at causing a pressure pulse than a red flash. For more discussion, see another recent answer. I had a question about electrons emitting photons.

So from what i have learned a photon is emitted when the electron has such high energy that it jumps a shell. My question is what process is going on inside the electron to make that happen and what energy is being used since the electron is one of the smallest particles what goes into it to let something come out the other side?

Nothing is "going on inside the electron". The electron in an atom is part of a charge distribution, the positively-charged nucleus and negatively-charged electron cloud around it. If the atom gets excited to a higher state, which requires that energy be added to the atom, it will, after a time, go back to the lower state.

But, in order to do this, the energy added to excite it originally must be expelled and this is where the photon comes in carrying off that energy. You may also think of the atom as a tiny antenna.

The way a radio antenna works is that electrons are made to vibrate back and forth on the antenna, a varying charge distribution, and this causes radio waves photons to be emitted; the varying charge distribution during the transition to the lower energy state is like a tiny antenna. Why the frequency of light does not change during the refraction of light?

The energy carried by the light depends on the frequency and the light cannot gain or lose energy when it enters a new medium. If you drop an egg and it crashes, it breaks.

If the egg is dropped and there is a platform going down below the egg, at the same speed as the egg, very slowly decreasing speed, until they touch while fallingwill the egg break? By making the platform move just a little slower than the egg you are achieving the same thing as if you were to carefully put the egg on a stationary surface—causing the force between the two to be small. What causes an egg to break? When it collides with the floor, the floor exerts a force on it to cause it to stop.

The more quickly the egg stops, the greater the force it must experience. Of course, if the force gets too big, that is if it has to stop too quickly, the shell will not be strong enough to withstand it. To keep the egg from breaking, you may cause the time of the collision to be longer. For example, drop it on a pillow and the egg will not break because it takes longer to stop and so it experiences a smaller force.

But, there is another way to get a smaller force—if the egg is moving more slowly, it does not to have such a large velocity change to stop. This is what happens when you place the egg on a table and that is what happens if the table is moving down with just a little less speed than the egg.

I love to watch documentaries about the universe, planet formation, stars, etc The physicists on these documentaries will say that 'every atom in my body' comes from a star exploding.

My question is, I didn't exist until 49 years ago when a sperm fertilized an egg How could the atoms in me have been inside a star I wasn't even here yet? But surely you do not think that the atoms which made up your body did not exist until you did.

That would be like saying that when a car is manufactured all the atoms have to be made to come into existence, but those atoms came from an iron mine and the iron mine is part of the earth which is made of all the atoms that came together when the solar system formed and the solar system formed from the debris from earlier stars. To change the kinetic energy of something you have to apply a force over some distance. So, we identify the kinetic energy as the total energy mc2 minus the energy an object has because of its mass m0c2.

So, a mass at rest has an energy of m0c2. For more detail of the derivation you can go to an earlier answer. I am teaching a high school physics class and we are using the range equation for projectile motion.

Why isn't there two angles that would work each time for this equation? The author only has us solving for one angle but wouldn't there always be two angles that would work for the same range? I checked the weather and the lowest I can find anywhere was 45 degrees. My brother has said that this type of ice is due to "blackbody radiation" i. This makes sense to some degree so I was wondering whether it was correct and how much differential can there be between the windshield and the air and has anyone ever done any experiments on this topic.

I have answered similar questions before. The bottom line is that your brother is right, radiative cooling can result in frost forming at temperatures higher than freezing.

Evaporative cooling can also contribute to this happening. I must say, though, that seems like a bit of a stretch; probably there was a pocket of cooler air in your vicinity not recorded in official records.

See my FAQ page for links to earlier answers. Ok my dad is wanting to build a submarine and he needs help with the physics of it. He is thinking it will be about to lbs. He also thinks the volume will be about 6x6x16, he wants to know the pressure of the sub in the water? Well, I hope he knows what he is doing! Keep in mind that this is guage pressure, the amount above atmospheric pressure.

So he is looking at pressures 3 times bigger than atmospheric. Yet we have all these heavy elements! I guess I've been thinking there were multiple of cycles required to forge iron in stars, but it would seem there hasn't been time for that. Also, can you ask my grandma for the apple dumpling recipe? Her name's Alma, and been dead 15 years now, so I really need that recipe. Well, here is somebody who thinks I am both a physicist and a psychic! All stars start with mostly hydrogen and fuse nuclei together to make heavier and heavier elements up to about iron; beyond iron, energy is lost by fusing nuclei and so it does not happen.

At the end of the star's life, it often explodes in a supernova and the energy from that explosion goes into making heavier nuclei. This stuff scatters widely in space and then, via some perturbation, clouds of this stuff with lots of hydrogen begins to coalesce again and a new star forms and much of the heavy stuff eventually becomes planets. The earliest stars likely had no rocky planets because there was not enough heavy stuff around. Your grandmother told me that all recipes are forgotten in the afterlife and she regrets that she cannot help you.

In fact, she doesn't really remember you either. Let that be a lesson that you should keep good records of your recipes before you pass to the other side. How tall can a steel cylinder be before it collapses under its own weight?

terminal velocity equation yahoo dating

There is a classic estimate by Victor Weisskopf of the maximum height a mountain can be which you can see here. The height h must be smaller than the height where the material down low would start to melt.

terminal velocity equation yahoo dating

Keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate; a more accurate calculation would have to be done by an engineer. Also, this assumes you can build it on something which can support it and that would not be possible since rock requires less energy to melt 4. See an earlier answer. So which one will travel farther? After several communications, the question is this: If the same force F acts on both objects for the same time and then stops, which object goes farther?

There is no gravity, so this is a one-dimensional problem. Both objects start at rest. This is one of those quite technical answers although, without understanding all the math, you can see the qualitative behavior. This is going to be a lengthy answer, so maybe you just might want to skip it!

This is plotted on the first figure above; the larger the mass, the longer it takes to reach the terminal velocity so, as noted by the questioner, the lighter mass will go farther in a given time. This is plotted in the second figure above; the smaller mass goes farther but after a long enough time, the two keep a constant distance apart. Now, the velocity will begin with a speed v0 which is the speed at the end of the time interval in the first part.