Diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

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diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

To date, 78 species have been recorded in the Yucatan Peninsula. La revisión de la literatura muestra que la diversidad de las especies conocidas para la Península de Yucatán, así como la Los Pompilidos: un exitoso ejemplo de predoparasitismo. A review of biological control introductions in Hawaii: – fisionomia significato yahoo dating · success kid meme funny dating · skarner . 20 something thought catalog dating · diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo. Main · Videos; Best absolutely free online dating sites chris evans actor dating in · diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating · scott and alex dating.

A continuacion se depositan por electrolisis sobre un disco de acero inoxidable. Gracias a las dimensiones del contador, todas las particulas beta del plutonio son absorbidas en el interior del aparato, mientras que las particulas alfa disipan cerca de la mitad de su energia en el material plastico.

La geometria para ambas radiaciones es casi de 2 Science. Utilizando el modelo de Kemmis y McTaggart la investigacion-accion se planteo como un proceso dinamico en cuatro momentos en espiral constituidos por la planificacion, la accion, la observacion y la reflexion. Cada una de las fases tuvo una intencion retrospectiva y prospectiva formando una espiral de autorreflexion del conocimiento y la accion.

Se llevaron a cabo audio grabaciones en clases y analisis de documentos. Ademas, la profesora-investigadora hizo un portafolio para reflexionar sobre las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia que tienen los estudiantes y las creencias del aprendizaje que tiene la profesora y sobre como la comprension de estos elementos ayudo a mejorar su practica educativa a traves del tiempo. Los resultados obtenidos apuntan a que las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia que tiene el grupo de estudiantes son diversas.

Ellos si creen que la ciencia tiene una cultura la cual describieron como: Sobre las creencias del proceso de aprendizaje de la profesora-investigadora, estas senalan que el modelaje de actores, la vision de la academia que tiene ella asi como la participacion y negociacion entre todos los involucrados en el proceso educativo, son factores que inciden en el proceso de aprendizaje.

La teoria de evolucion biologica TEB por seleccion natural es uno de los conceptos unificadores mas importantes del curriculo de Biologia. Pythium polare, a new heterothallic oomycete causing brown discolouration of Sanionia uncinata in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Fungi isolated from Antarctic mosses. Some movies, related to Cryosphere, were selected to develop discussions and work groups with students from high school and colleges. After the definition of the central theme, this proposal highlight some questions and learning activities to be worked in class with high school and college students. Difficulties and mistakes are common in their comprehension around the concepts and elements about the Cryosphere and the Earth systems.

That is why interdisciplinary activities are important in their education, promoting concepts construction to actual discussions about climate changing and anthropogenic impacts. This work proposes science dissemination through learning activities using movies. These activities allow concepts construction and the explanation about the importance of the Cryosphere, considering the global impacts caused by changes in glacial environments. Nevertheless, is important to explain the evidences about the connections between Antarctic, Arctic and Tropical glacial regions.

These actions are in accordance with the Brazilian Action Plan for Antarctic Science that emphasizes the importance of knowledge dissemination and learning activities related to Arctic and Antarctic regions and their connections with other Earth systems. All of these activities involve researchers and community. The pedagogic proposal seeks the development of a methodological process that high school teachers can use in their classes for future dissemination of Cryosphere science.

This central theme will conduct the activities that will be developed with students from high school and colleges. Discussions and work groups will be encourage among them following the central theme of each movie session. The implementation of actions was planned to be applied in public high schools, approaching the community to glacial concepts, constructing new perceptions.

Some concepts could be discussed, like the term eskimo, food in arctic region, anthropogenic impacts, white man versusinuits.

diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

This movie has 14 some scene of hunting and violence. So, it is recommended for college students, to discuss concepts and conflicts.

diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

The biodiversity present on these areas makes clear the need to preserve these frozen environments and to understand how it work and what are the function of the processes of thaw and frozen seas. It portraits the inuit life, the wild life in Arctic region and the relationship between inuits and glacier environment. The learning activity will be applied to high school students and the discussions will be around food, hunting, biogeography, sea ice extent and countries connections.

The seasonal dynamic could be explored linking hunting and sea ice extent. Inuits survival skills and their knowledge about their environmental could be used to instigate the students. People generally think that the region as an inhospitable place, always frozen. But the movie shows that seasons can be defined summer, winter, fall and spring in many portions of Alaska. A proposal of activity is a game including latitudes and longitudes, climate differences between polar and temperate regions and also a discussion about biogeography and biodiversity.

This movie is a sensorial experience because have a perspective of extreme sports linked with the environment. The proposed learning activities were constructed by researchers from different science fields.

This interdisciplinary aspect is important to discuss the same concept with different approaches. The development of teaching tools seek to promote the inclusion of the subject in elementary schools by creating a collective awareness of the concepts.

ABSTRACT The Antarctic lichens have been used as bioindicators in studies biomonitoring, having an important contribution to the floristic composition, and its existence is dependent on ice-free regions. The phytosociological data were obtained follow the Braun-Blanquet sampling method. The results obtained at the moment, describe 23 lichens species for the Arctowski region, these species of lichens are present in 10 lichen-moss formations.

It can be suggests that lichens are bioindicators of changes occurring in the Antarctic environment. These species can withstand long periods of drought and resist freezing temperatures.


Lichen communities are well represented in the Antarctic tundra, being fruticulose lichens their main component Pereira and Putzke, In the Admiralty Bay, those communities are floristically very diverse, consisting of lichens and lichen-moss associations vastly distributed in the region, usually living in rock outcrops of marine emerged tableland Schaeffer, as well as on rock next to bird colonies.

Location of the study area. Arctowski Station and the beach close to the Ecology Glacier. The data was obtained from a survey using Braun-Blanquet phytosociological methods Braun-Blanquet,adapted to Antarctic conditions.

According Victoria10 formations are described for the area of Admiralty Bay. The vegetation of continental Antarctic regions is limited primarily by the availability of free water. The distribution of plants communities, depend mainly on light incidence. Studies indicate that abiotic factors, once linked to local factors affecting the distribution of these communities in the environment Seppelt et al. Lichens important species in the phytosociological analyses made in Arctowski region, Admiralty Bay, King George Island.

Lynge 74 0,34 23,57 31,58 Parmelia saxatilis L. Poelt 91 0,87 28,88 54,00 Placopsis contortuplicata I. Lamb 11 0,03 3,21 3,30 Pseudephebe pubescens L. Choisy 16 0,05 5 5,25 Psoroma cinnamomeum Malme 45 0,2 14,24 17,08 Psoroma hypnorum Vahl Gray 52 0,16 16,41 19,03 Ramalina terebrata Hook.

Bory 1,36 40,41 95,36 Xanthoria elegans Link Th. The values of IES of the species may be related to local environmental conditions.

The increase in the IES can be attributed to a better adaptation of these species to local environmental conditions that can be influenced by global warming, thus affecting the distribution of these communities in the environment. This essay demonstrates the fragility of lichens formation in the ice-free areas of Arctowski region. The data obtained from this research will enable monitoring of species of lichens in the ice- free areas adjoining in Arctowski region.

Being possible to verify the increase or regression of these species by comparing these values with future phytosociological studies. Activity of lichens under the influence of snow and ice. Cambridge University Press, pp. Korean Journal of Polar research 5 2: Evidence of high annual growth rate for lichens In The Maritime Antarctic. Antarctic Science, 22 6: Neotropical Biology and Conservation, 1 2: Oecologia Brasiliensis, 11 1: Composition and distribution of moss formations in the ice-free areas adjoining the Arctowski region, Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. In general, all Skuas species are classified into two groups Catharacta and Stercorarius which have proven a recent origin related to the last period of the Antarctic glaciation. In this way, this genus seems to present incomplete divergence, favoring frequent cases of hybridization among species.

The most frequent case of hybridization recorded for Stercorariidae is the observed Catharacta maccormicki South Polar Skuas and Catharacta lonnbergi Brown Skua at the Antarctic Peninsula. The hybrids generated by this breeding are relatively frequent in the King George Island however; the reported information about their characteristics and genetic traits is still limited.

Given the importance of knowing some of the genetic patterns related to both species in order to understand in a better way the hybrids that occur at King George Island, Antarctic, this study aimed to evaluate the diversity and patterns related to C.

Considering the results above, it can be concluded that the Skuas species analyzed in this study diverged in the recent past 20, to 30, years ago, during the Pleistocenethus justifying the existence of many haplotypes shared by the species. This fact generated a parsimony tree with low bootstrap which, added to the other obtained results, gives rise to a scenario of frequent hybridization between C.

Due to uncertain taxonomic and complex phylogeny patterns, Stercorariidae has been studied by taxonomists and ecologists. In general, all Skuas species are classified into two groups: Catharacta has a recent origin related to last glaciation period. Thus, this genus seems to present incomplete divergence, favoring frequent cases of hybridization among species. The most frequent case of hybridization recorded for Stercorariidae is the observed Catharacta maccormicki South Polar Skuas and C.

Since the mid-twentieth century, the hybrids 19 are related with relatively frequency in the King George Island. However, the reported information about their characteristics and genetic traits is limited Ritz et al. Given the importance of knowing some of the genetic patterns related to both species in order to understand in a better way the hybrids that occur at King George Island, Antarctic, this study aimed to evaluate the genetic diversity and patters related to C.

The sequences generated were aligned in Bioedit and the chromatograms were checked using Chromas Lite. The generated Mismatch distribution Figure 1network Figure2 configured for the Skuas cytochrome b gene and Mismatch distribution graph all together with parsimonious tree evidenced fast and growing populational expansion standards, in agreement with the deviations observed in the neutrality tests performed.

The traces in blue elucidate the expected results and in red, the observed. Climatic changes, glacial retraction and the Skuas Catharacta sp. Phylogeography of the southern skua complex—rapid colonization of the Southern Hemisphere during a glacial period and reticulate evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Network configured for the Skuas Cytochrome b gene fragment to C.

King George Island, Antarctica. Belo Horizonte - MG They represent the earliest human occupations in Antarctica. Those remains are one of the sources of information about the daily lives of subaltern groups who have lived in that territory and for that their preservation become undeniably important.

One of the central themes worked on the lab is the diversity of human strategies in occupying the continent throughout history. In the field, the laboratory works doing identifications, recording and excavating historical sites, restoring objects to be studied and preserved in technical reserves Figure 2.

It has started to think systematical preservation methods in five main guidelines of action: Remains found in the archaeological sites of the island Livingston: Extraction of archaeological soils' samples.

Evaluation of degradation factors derived from micromorphological features of archaeological soils. Monitoring Systematic recording of factors related to degradation processes of objects. Using thermohygrometer to record incident temperature and relative humidity in the field. Using thermo-hygrometer to record temperature and relative humidity in technical reserves and inspection for detection of biological infestation. Storage Inhibition of objects' degradation processes.

Storage of objects in inert packaging that may give them stability and strength. Climate of technical reserves and storage of objects in inert packaging that may give them stability and strength. Remedial conservation Inhibition of objects' degradation processes. Cleaning and dehumidification of objects. Thorough cleaning, monitored dehumidification, consolidation with stickers and collection treatments against biological infestation.

Restoration Restoring the integrity and aesthetics of volumetric objects. Results of preservation research. On the other hand, the cold weather was confirmed as a major preservation enhancer of organic buried remains, since it helps in chemical reactions reduction and reduces microorganisms attack.

Monitoring We note that the rescued objects remain under conditions of low climatic variability after being removed and stored on ships of Brazilian Marine, requiring to be stored in refrigerators or under the influence of air conditioning in the Leach technical reserves to ensure the conditions for climate stability.

diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

Storage Foams, boxes and non-tissues made of polyethylene are lightweight and durable, best in the role of packaging of archaeological objects.

Paper and fabric with great presence of cellulose were abolished packaging for favoring the proliferation of microorganisms colonies on objects. Remedial conservation The acrylic resins showed satisfactory results in the consolidation of organic objects from the collection, bringing back to them the resistance, without change of color, brightness or texture.

Tests conducted in this line of action also demonstrated that some objects made of fabric, wood and leather, needed to go through a slow and controlled dehumidification process, avoiding fragmentation of fibers by drying. Inhibition of proliferation of microbiological infestations presented in organic objects with excessive moisture could be controlled with dehumidification by changing microclimatic conditions of technical reserves — avoiding the application of fungicides and bactericides.

Restoration The restoration of fragments of bottles with epoxy resin showed satisfactory results due to its characteristics of strength and reversibility. For the reversal of rust metal objects, interventions were performed from electrolytic reduction of corrosion products in steel, with the application of organic acids, and for the second intervention, it was possible to treat a greater number of objects in a shorter period of time.

At present, the Leach's methods of preserving are based on two main fundamentals: Conservation Manual for the Field Archaeologist. Hasta el fin del mundo; Arqueologia Antartica. Praehistoria, Buenos Aires, 3: One of the alternatives is to use dust emission models that unfortunately are poorly constrained due to scarcity of data for calibration. Here we present a low cost alternative to describe dust source regions and meteorological patterns associated with dust events, combining remote sensing, ground data and meteorological data sets.

The contrast with non-emitting and emission is also presented. This data set can be used for optimizing parameters of dust emission models. The majority of studies in modern dust fertilization over this area have resorted, more or less, on dust emission models e. But due to scarcity of data, these models show wild variation and a recent inter-comparison of models have shown a range of 0.

Diversidad biológica - 04

Field campaign to better understand the emission process, tuning parameterizations towards local characteristics e. While it certainly must be done, here we present an alternative approach based on remote sensing information. Sources were classified into one of the categories 1 No data; 2 Cloud cover; 3 No emission; 4 Dust emission and 5 Ambiguous.

Meteorological patterns for the confirmed dust sources all candidate dust sources with at least one confirmed emission was investigated using two data sets: Only four sources were confirmed Figure 1A. The distribution of classifications for each confirmed source is presented on Table 1.

Intense cloud cover over the region is a main difficulty for observing dust events from reflection bands on space born sensors. Therefore, the fraction of observed dust events from days without cloud cover or shading is also computed. Fraction of observed images on each class for confirmed sources. Meteorological conditions associated with dust emission were only calculated for Source 4, due to scarcity of observed emissions for the other sources.

Livro de Resumos III Simpósio da APECS-Brasil

All dust events were observed in summer. This observation is expected as the confirmed sources are seasonal dry lakes, and the summer is the dry season. The meteorological description by the two data sets is presented on Table 2. The direction of the dust plume observed of the True Color composites was also calculated and is closely related with the ground data for wind direction.

Therefore, it is used as an approximation of the real ground conditions for dust emission. Such data is important for the comprehension of the process for the Tierra del Fuego, but is less relevant for modeling studies. Meteorological condition associated with observed dust emissions for Source 4. Bracket numbers represent one standard deviation. It is not possible to know if the final candidate sources are not active sources.

Also, it is possible that active sources had not been identified by the land classification method. Therefore, during the survey, a few possible new dust sources ambiguous observations not previously identified in the land classification were marked for future investigations. The methodology has limitation to describe the patterns associated with dust emission.

Calaméo - Livro de Resumos III Simpósio da APECS-Brasil

For instance, sun-synchronous satellites can only observe the surface once per daytime, representing a point observation. Also, reflection based methods are dependent on cloud cover and depends on sunlight, and therefore cannot be used for source classification during nighttime satellite passing time.

diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

That is, these descriptions are those of daytime emissions on clear atmosphere. However, it is important to keep in mind that the objective of this project is not to describe the general conditions of dust emission, but to provide data for calibration of models and indicate source areas for field campaign.

Here it was shown that visual search for dust events and meteorological description of dust events can be performed with combination of remote sensing and weather data.

This methodical search is a low cost alternative for the improvement of dust models. It can be used to improve the modeling of the process and the scaling of the process. A model should initiate an emission in locations and conditions were a real dust emission would occur and the source based meteorological description can contribute to that. Also, a model should scale for the appropriate amount of dust emitted.

The collection of real events observed for each source from remote sensing can be used for that purpose. Dust load can be measured indirectly though its effect on optical properties of the atmosphere. This study was supported by a CNPq scholarship.

diversidad biologics ejemplos yahoo dating

Global dust model intercomparison in AeroCom phase I. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 Understanding the transport of Patagonian dust and its influence on marine biological activity in the South Atlantic Ocean. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 6: Processes and patterns of oceanic nutrient limitation, Nature Geoscience, 6 9: Sedimentary and mineral dust sources of dissolved iron to the world ocean. Consumption of nitrate in surface waters.