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As a branch of a tree is covered by bark, so the consciousness is enveloped by the mind. While the concept of mind can be understood by an average intellect, that of consciousness remains elusive: Consciousness has many facets and channels which move in various directions simultaneously.

The breath, on the other hand, once it has been steadied, flows rhythmically in and out in a single channel. Svatmarama, after watchful study of the mind and breath, says that whether the mind is sleepy, dreamming or awake, the breath moves in a single rhythmic way. So hatha yoga texts emphasise the restraint of energy, which can be more easily achieved than the restraint of the fluctuations of the mind. A steady and mindful inbreath and outbreath minimises the fluctuations and helps to stabilise the mind.

Once this steadiness has been established through pranayama, the senses can be withdrawn from their objects. Pratyahara must be established before dhyana concentration can take place. Dhyana flows into dharana meditation and dharana into samadhi.

The last three cannot be described, only experienced. Svatmarama says that through samadhi, the mind dissolves in the consciousness; the consciousness in cosmic intelligence; cosmic intelligence in nature and nature in the Universal Spirit Brahman.

The moment the consciousness, the ego, the intelligence and the mind are quietened, the Self, which is the king of these, surfaces and reflects on its own. The following Siddhas masters are said to have existed in former times: A yogi desirous of success should keep the knowledge of Hatha Yoga secret; for it becomes potent by concealing, and impotent by exposing.

The Yogi should practice Hatha Yoga in a small room, situated in a solitary place, being 4 cubits square, and free from stones, fire, water, disturbances of all kinds, and in a country where justice is properly administered, where good people live, and food can be obtained easily and plentifully. The room should have a small door, be free from holes, hollows, neither too high nor too low, well plastered with cow-dung and free from dirt, filth and insects. These characteristics of a room for Hatha Yogis have been described by adepts in the practice of Hatha.

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Yoga is destroyed by the following six causes: The following six bring speedy success: The ten rules of conduct are: The ten niyamas mentioned by those proficient in the knowledge of Yoga are: Tapa, patience, belief in God, charity, adoration of God, hearing discourses on the principles of religion, shame, intellect, Tapa and Yajna.

It should be practiced for gaining steady posture, health and lightness of body. Having kept both the hands under both the thighs, with the body straight, when one sits calmly in this posture, it is called Swastika. One foot is to be placed on the thigh of the opposite side; and so also the other foot on the opposite thigh. Having placed with the right foot at the root of the left thigh, let the toe be grasped with the right hand passing over the back, and having placed the left foot on the right thigh at its root, let it be grasped with the left hand passing behind the back.

It increases appetite and is an instrument for destroying the group of the most deadly diseases.

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Its practice awakens the Kundalini, stops the nectar shedding from the moon in people. It kindles gastric fire, reduces obesity and cures all diseases of men. Place the palms of both hands on the ground, and place the navel on both the elbows and balancing thus, the body should be stretched backwards like a stick.

It removes fatigue and gives rest to the mind. Of these the first four being essential ones, I am going to explain them here. Press firmly the heel of the left foot against the perineum, and the right heel above the lingha. With the chin pressing on the chest, one pinot noir vin should sit calmly, having restrained the senses, and gaze steadily at the space between the eyebrows. Place the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh, and grasp the toes with the hands crossed over the back.

Press the chin against the chest and gaze on the tip of the nose. Place the feet on the thighs, with the soles upward, and place the hands on the thighs, with the palms upwards. It is difficult of attainment by everybody, but can be learnt by intelligent people in this world.

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Then the mind can contemplate on the nature of the atmana and can enjoy the highest bliss. Press the heels on both sides of the seam of the Perineum, in such a way that the left heel touches the right side and the right heel touches the left side of it. Place the hands on the thighs, with stretched fingers, and keeping the mouth open and the mind collected, gaze on the tip of the nose. Place the heels on either side of the seam of the Perineum, keeping the left heel on the left side and the right one on the right side, holding the feet firmly joined to one another with both the hands.

Bitter, sour, saltish, green vegetables, fermented, oily, mixed with til seed, rape seed, intoxicating liquors, fish, meat, curds, chhaasa pulses, plums, oil-cake, asafoetida hingagarlic, onion, etc. Food heated again, dry, having too much salt, sour, minor grains, and vegetables that cause burning sensation, should not be eaten.

Fire, women, travelling, etc. As said by Goraksa, one should keep aloof from the society of the evil-minded, fire, women, travelling, early morning bath, fasting, and all kinds of bodily exertion.

A yogi should eat tonics things giving strengthwell sweetened, greasy made with gheemilk butter, etc. Whether young, old or too old, sick or lean, one who discards laziness, gets success if he practices Yoga. Success comes to him who is engaged in the practice. How can one get success without practice; for by merely reading books on Yoga, one can never get success. Success cannot be attained by adopting a particular dress Vesa.

It cannot be gained by telling tales. - Best Similar Sites |

Practice alone is the means to success. This is true, there is no doubt. Posture becoming established, a Yogi, master of himself, eating salutary and moderate food, should practice pranayama, as instructed by his guru.

Respiration being disturbed, the mind becomes disturbed. By restraining respiration, the Yogi gets steadiness of mind. So long as the breathing air stays in the body, it is called life. Death consists in the passing out of the breathing air. It is, therefore, necessary to restrain the breath. The breath does not pass through the middle channel susumnaowing to the impurities of the nadis. How can then success be attained, and how can there be the unmani avastha. When the whole system of the nadis which is full of impurities, is cleaned, then the Yogi becomes able to control the Prana.

Therefore, Pranayama should be performed daily with satwika buddhi intellect free from raja and tama or activity and slothin order to drive out the impurities of the susumna. Then, drawing in the air through the surya slowly, the belly should be filled, and after performing Kumbhaka as before, it should be expelled slowly through the chandra left nostril.

Inhaling thus through the one, through which it was expelled, and having restrained it there, till possible, it should be exhaled through the other, slowly and not forcibly.

If the air be inhaled through the left nostril, it should be expelled again through the other, and filling it through the right nostril, confining it there, it should be expelled through the left nostril. By practicing in this way, through the right and the left nostrils alternately, the whole of the collection of the nadis of the yamis practisers becomes clean, birthday wishes for a friend i.

Kumbhakas should be performed gradually four times during day and night julia roberts i. In the beginning there is perspiration, in the middle stage there is quivering, and in the last or third stage, one obtains steadiness; and then the breath should be made steady or motionless. The perspiration exuding from exertion of practice should be rubbed into the body and not wipedas by so doing the body becomes strong.

During the first stage of practice the food consisting of milk and ghee is wholesome. When the practice becomes established, no such restriction is necessary. Hiccough, asthma, cough, pain in the head, the ears, and the eyes; these and other various kinds of diseases are generated by the disturbance of the breath.

The air should be expelled with proper tact and should be filled in skillfully; and when it has been kept confined properly it brings success.

Every word in the instructions is full of meaning and is necessarily used in the slokas, and should be followed very carefully and with due attention. Thus there will be nothing to fear whatsoever. We are inhaling and exhaling the air throughout our lives without any sort of danger, and Pranayama being only a regular form of it, there should be no cause to fear. When the nadis become free from impurities, and there appear the outward signs of success, such as lean body and glowing color, then one should feel certain of success.

By removing the impurities, the air can be restrained, according to one's wish and the appetite is increased, the divine sound is awakened, and the body becomes healthy. If there be excess of fat or phlegm in the body, the six kinds of kriyas duties should be performed first. But others, not suffering from the excess of these, should not perform them. The six kinds of duties are: These are called the six actions. These six kinds of actions which cleanse the body should be kept secret.

They produce extraordinary attributes and are performed with earnestness by the best Yogis. A strip of cloth, about 3 inches wide and 15 cubits long, is pushed in swallowedwhen moist with warm water, through the passage shown by the boss me 70 guru, and is taken out again. This is called Dhauti Karma. It is swallowed slowly, little by little: After swallowing it the stomach should be given a good, round motion from left to right, and then it should be taken out slowly and gently.

There is no doubt, that cough, asthma, enlargement of the spleen, leprosy, and 20 kinds of diseases born of phlegm, disappear by the practice of Dhauti Karma. This washing is called Basti Karma. By practicing this Basti Karma, colic, enlarged spleen, and dropsy, arising from the disorders of Vata airpitta bile and kapha phlegmare all cured. By practicing Basti with water, the Dhatus, the Indriyas and the mind become calm. It gives glow and tone to the body and increases the appetite. All the disorders disappear.

A cord made of threads and about six inches long, should be passed through the passage of the nose and the end taken out in the mouth. This is called by adepts the Neti Karma.

The Neti is the cleaner of the brain and giver of divine sight. It soon destroys all the diseases of the cervical and scapular regions. Being calm, one should gaze steadily at a small mark, till eyes are filled with tears. This is called Tratika by acharyas. Tratika destroys the eye diseases and removes sloth, etc.

It should be kept secret very carefully, like a box of jewelry. Sitting on the toes with heels raised above the ground, and the palms resting on the ground, and in this bent posture the belly is moved forcibly from left to right, just as in vomiting.

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