Who is jay cutler bodybuilder dating

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who is jay cutler bodybuilder dating

Kerry cutler - interview with jay cutler's wife. FST What is your occupation? KC: I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. I currently work in Cosmetic. When the pros dedicate their life to bodybuilding every day - how much money While Jay Cutler has only accrued half the amount of Sandow. bad about what happened between him and Kerry. And there's a recent video of him showing he's still dating his assistant Monique Salgado.

One of which is piling up a whole lot of money. Eight years of winning the Sandow prize money on top of some high profile sponsorships help a whole bunch towards building that massive net worth. On top of that, Coleman has a B.

who is jay cutler bodybuilder dating

Allowing him to enjoy a wonderfully comfortable life even after his reign as an Olympia champion. Courtesy of Beast Motivation. Maybe placing second to Coleman four years in a row made him out for financial revenge. But how did Cutler make all that extra cash with only half the wins? He developed his own style of personal branding and was featured on dozens of international magazines and DVDs — taking him straight on the road to being a millionaire.


Courtesy of Dimension Today. Joe Weider is a legend in the world of bodybuilding — and in many ways the father of it. How did he make such a large net worth? Through founding many leading bodybuilding competitions including the biggest bodybuilding championship in the world — Mr.

Not to mention that he publish a variety of bodybuilding magazines, some of which still exist to this day. Rich Gaspari may have never won a Mr. Olympia competition — so his net worth on this list may seem very shocking.

Photo courtesy of The Richest. Arnold Schwarzenegger is such a massive superstar, both in style and career, that he earned numbers one through five on our list.

Jay did not start bodybuilding until he was 18, after we graduated from high school. He was involved in football and working in his family business at that time.

Who is Jay Cutler dating? Jay Cutler girlfriend, wife

Where you always attracted to bodybuilders? Jay evolved into a bodybuilder through the years we have been together. I am attracted to people that take pride in their health and appearance, not necessarily bodybuilders.

What do your friends and family think of your husband being a professional bodybuilder? My friends and family are very proud of what Jay has accomplished personally and professionally over the years. They realize that what he does requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Everyone has been very supportive through the ups and downs. What is the hardest thing for you to deal with during his prep?

who is jay cutler bodybuilder dating

I think the last couple weeks are the most stressful because it is crunch time. At that point, all the hard work is done, but it is the final stretch to dial in that is stressful. I am lucky because Jay is not a moody dieter! If your husband was not a pro bodybuilder… 1. What do you think his occupation would be?

Jay Cutler's Bodybuilding Career in 4 minutes

A professional motor cross racer What would you want him to do for work? If a career makes you unhappy, then it is time for a change. What is the hardest thing for you to deal with come show day?

I feel sitting in the audience during the competition is the hardest part for me on show day.

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We have been doing this for so long, but it never fails that I am sitting in my seat with my nervous leg bouncing up and down a million times. Bodybuilding is a tough sport. Everything can go right, but it can also go very wrong… FST Do you feel pressure to look a certain way, eat a certain way or workout due to the industry your significant other is in? I enjoy eating healthy and working out. It has become a habit in our house. I am my own worst critic.

They buy tickets at the shows and visit our websites for sales. Jay gets stopped everywhere we go.

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It may take us twice as long to get to the gate at the airport because he is taking pictures and signing magazines. I think it is great. Whether I am present or not, my feelings are the same. If so what did you do? Our fans, male and female, are very supportive and a lot of them have been following us for years.