Veronica montelongo who is she dating

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veronica montelongo who is she dating

when will the episode air with Veronica Montelongo? I seen on her facebook page she and John Morales got engaged and she said she What date will it air ?. Armando Montelongo, former reality star of A&E's 'Flip This House' San Since then, he's been hosting house flipping seminars for people. He is famed for his talk show at the E and A TV and is a television character, called Flip This House. He’s Armando Montelongo Businesses, which there is a provider based on the actual estate investment prices. Armando Montelongo about 9 seminars are conducted by himself.

I should have assumed it was a sham to get you to purchase a 3 day course, which it was. But still, I wasn't looking for a get rich quick scheme, I actually wanted to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing. I should have done my homework.

I didn't read any reviews prior to signing up and just trusted the people poor decision. I attended the 3 day course. Day 1, I arrived early and took a look around the room and began noticing a trend as people were walking in.

That immediately made me begin to worry about what this "course" was really going to be Within the first couple of hours I knew this was a get rich quick scam and a brainwash setup to get you to purchase an even more expensive package at the conclusion of the 3 days. This was confirmed by the instructor who plainly said we would be offered an even better experience over the three days.

There was no legitimate teaching of real estate best practices during the entire 3 days.

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They would throw up a picture of a run down house. With no legitimate remodeling or construction advice or anything. Nicolasa asked if Manuel wanted to stop and rest.

veronica montelongo who is she dating

He said they should drive on. But when they got back on the freeway, Manuel began driving strangely, Nicolasa said. He pulled up close behind her and put his headlights on high beam. He tailgated for a while, then near the exit for Odessa, he sped on ahead. After they got separated, Ana called on her cellphone to say Manuel wanted to stop and rest.

She arrived home at 2 a. Ana was upset, and he pulled over and stopped, told her to get out of the vehicle and call her mother. She did, but when she got back in the vehicle, he told police he grabbed Ana by the hair, pulled her toward him and said she was trying to kill them with witchcraft. Ana grabbed a pocket knife out of the center console, Manuel told police, and sliced his finger with it.

They continued arguing until Ana said she was sorry she had Hector, the affidavit said. At that point, Manuel told Hampton, he took the knife and began stabbing her. They wound up outside the SUV with the motor still running and the doors locked, but Manuel was able to get a framing hammer out of the back of the SUV and used it to break a window.

Eventually, he wrapped Hector in a blanket and began walking east, away from the SUV. When ordered to put his hands up, he set Hector down, and the boy ran to a state trooper. The temperature was in the 30s that morning, Hampton later wrote in his report, but Manuel was walking without shoes and his bare chest showed beneath a jacket.

veronica montelongo who is she dating

His hands were covered in blood. Between Manuel and the SUV, they found a black duffel bag and some boots. At the SUV, they found a horrific sight: Ana nearly naked next to the left rear tire, with multiple bruises and stab wounds. Tools had spilled out of the back of the SUV; a hammer was underneath her, a nail puller next to her and a large drill bit in her hair.

On the pavement was broken glass, the gas cap and a crystal substance that appeared to be the same as what was in the container. Manuel was handcuffed and placed in a state patrol car.

After viewing the scene, Hampton wrote that he went to the patrol car to get some information. Read his Miranda rights, he asked for an attorney and Hampton stopped asking questions. Manuel remained in the car about four hours, was taken to an Othello hospital to collect forensic evidence, then to the Othello substation and eventually to the Adams County Jail in Ritzville.

Throughout the day, word began to spread of a grisly killing along I She sent text messages that brought no response. She was going to go to the police about her missing daughter and grandson when a friend texted her about an odd story in the news. A man was found on the side of the road along I with a child.

Then she saw a story on television news and became convinced it was the father of her grandson.

Before killing girlfriend along I-90, suspect had avoided deportation, documents say

At the hospital, Manuel asked the deputy what would happen to Hector and whether he would go to jail in Washington or Illinois. At one point, he broke down and began crying hysterically. News crews from Washington television stations streamed into Ritzville. In the afternoon, they asked to talk to Manuel, and he agreed.

But when police brought him into the room, none of the journalists could speak Spanish and he quickly left. After Hampton began talking about spending time with his own son, Manuel said the fight with Ana had started over Hector. She was jealous, he reportedly told Hampton, because Hector played more with him than her.

He had asked for an attorney 12 hours before describing events surrounding the death, Morgan said in the motion to suppress the statement. In that intervening time, Adams County officials had taken him to a hospital, a substation and the county jail. Somewhere in that odyssey they could have put him in a room with a phone and a number for an attorney, Morgan argued. Adams County prosecutors countered that there was no place at the hospital or the substation for Manuel to have a secure conversation with an attorney.

All of his statements from that afternoon session were inadmissible. State assistant attorneys general were assigned in May to take over the prosecution because of a lack of resources in Adams County.

The trial was set for Sept. She absolutely rejects his claim to police of planning to sell the drugs to buy a house for them. He was going to drop Ana and Hector off in Moses Lake. He would go away, and they would stay with her. Now, she hopes Hector will stay with her. The day after the killingChild Protective Services workers brought the curly-haired youngster to Nicolasa.

She has filed papers in court to receive permanent custody.

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When she talked with The Spokesman-Review earlier this month, no one had contacted her to tell her the trial date. Staff writer Rachel Alexander contributed to this report. Double check your email and try again, or email webteam spokesman.