Underground dating seminar review

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underground dating seminar review

If you want the short review read the first & last paragraph) This is my Glenn P bootcamp (Brad P Underground Dating Seminar) in NYC from. Brad P - Planning The Perfect Date (copyrighted book, review only) Brad P. is the creator and visionary of the Underground Dating Seminar and the 30/ You've heard about the Underground Dating Seminar, created by the #1 Pickup Artist in the world. Will it help you? Read our honest review to find out.

Their clients pay them and in return they are guaranteed a certain amount of dates with women. So it makes sense that the main purpose of the online interaction is simply to arrange a date, as that is the performance indicator that they are paid on. What that means is that Click Magnet Dating is really geared towards arranging the first meet up. This is particularly good for men who don't have a lot of experience with women, as going on a lot of dates can shorten your learning curve and help develop your confidence.

underground dating seminar review

But to ensure the best chance of arranging dates, the advice that's given also plays it pretty safe. They recommend not to use any kind of sexuality in your online interaction, as you risk coming off as creepy. And this is something that most guys do wrong, they come off as sexually needy and creepy and it scares women off. So if you're more of a beginner, you should steer clear of it. However as you start to build more experience and get a good grasp on dating skills, you generally learn how to incorporate sexuality into your interactions with women in an attractive way.

You can use it online in a way that builds sexual tension, so that when you first meet up in person there's a certain sexual charge to your interaction right from the start. This all comes down to what your goals are for online dating.

If you're looking to develop a serious relationship with someone, it makes sense to go on lots of dates and see how you connect face to face. If you're just looking to have casual fun with a few girls, it often pays to find out beforehand what they are looking for.

Otherwise you may find yourself going on lots of dates with women where you are hoping to sleep with them that night, but she is looking for a boyfriend. This isn't really covered in the product, but would have been good to see. In the same way that template messages can save you time, using sexual aspects in your online interaction can work as a filtering mechanism and save you a lot of time by meeting women who likely aren't looking for the same thing as you.

If you want to see some good examples of how you can turn an online interaction into a purely sexual encounter, you might want to check out The Gentlemen's Guide To Online Dating by Derek Cajun. There's a few instances in Click Magnet Dating where they give you the general idea of a message to send in a certain situation, without giving you the specific example that their company actually uses.

The reason for this is that they don't want their proven messages to become overused that they become less effective as women have seen them before they show an example where this actually happened.

It's about protecting what they have worked to create, so they can get the best results for their clients who pay them to arrange their dates. But they give valid reasons why you are ultimately better off using their examples as a guide, and creating your own messages based on the principles that make them work.

underground dating seminar review

Bonuses The best bonus here is the automated software, which is really valuable and you'll definitely want to use.

Aside from that, there are three audio interviews with other dating coaches that cover online dating and also texting. Whereas a lot of products often have these types of interviews that really own act as a marketing tool to get you to buy something else, these interviews were full of content and of good quality.

The interview with Jordan Harbinger about text game was especially good and runs for around an hour, with lots of practical tips.

There's a few other written reports, including one on how to maximize the chances of having a successful first date. There is some okay information included, but nothing special. I know how hard it can be to figure this stuff out as your average straight guy.

underground dating seminar review

And that's the beauty of it - Brad lays it out so clearly, with detailed pictures and step by step guidelines, in a way designed to empower the reader. He goes through the barriers men have to not just dressing well, but succeeding in general. The most important thing Brad does in the book is convinces you to stop hating "the elite", and instead become part of "the elite" - and then he explains exactly how! Frankly, I consider myself a damn good dresser.

After reading Brad's book, I pushed it further using his idea of sexy stereotyping by changing up my hair with highlights and a white denim jacket. After reading Brad's book, I'm inspired, empowered, and educated - and sexier! I can't recommend it highly enough.

Underground Dating Seminar

This is the best book I've read in for getting your social life handled, and I read a hell of a lot of books. I wish I'd read it years ago, and even now that I'm doing well, Brad's Fashion Bible helped elevate me even higher. He can pull off anything he teaches, but will not pull and sacrifice the quality of his teaching for anything, even to get laid.

I highly recommend working with him if you want to improve your game. Got my first lay directly related to learning from you. I believe Hyper was with me. She drove down from Pittsburgh and spent the weekend with me. I opened her simply by telling how unbelievably cute she was. More details to follow when I get time. BE sure to tell Glenn. Brad P is worth every cent and more than he charges for his services.

He's more than willing and able to put himself out there in the field, in front of his students. To see him use the very same routines and techniques that he teaches is a real treat, and an inspiration. He's also willing to change things around, adapting his teaching strategy to what he feels would best fit your individual needs. Thanks Brad, you've made a friend for life. I have been using takeaways a lot more.

Overall, I have definitely seen a marked improvement in the aspects of my game that I wanted to focus on. I'm enjoying pickup now a lot more than I was a few months ago, and some of that is because of the fun stuff that I learned from Brad P.

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Arguably that's been the most important thing in the end I'm glad that the first live speaker I've seen in my education in the PU community has been you, who's been a stand-up guy all the way and an excellent teacher. He is not just a product of the community, most of his development was done independently from the community at large, although he has since adopted and adapted many aspects and tactics that are commonly used in the community. There is not a question he can't handle, from openers to maintaining relationships and I would highly recommend him to anyone out there who wants to get their game in action.

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As has been said by others, Brad P is the real deal. He comes in under the radar and has girls hooked on him instantly. He makes up openers on the fly and showed us how easy it can be to use the environment to your advantage.

It's weird though, a book on openers, cos' that's one thing the community has no shortage of really, but on the other hand these are Brad P openers, and he is having sex ALL the fucking time, so perhaps they are worth paying a little bit more attention to.

For instance, one of the guys seemed socially awkward, at least to me, and instead of giving him standard openers like jealous girlfriend or something way over the top or direct, Brad was tailoring the opener he would use to his personality and delivery.

Also, these are his openers, which he's developed. They aren't widely known.

underground dating seminar review

I immediately wanted to try the dance stuff because the last venue we where in was loud as hell and opening with only your voice wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be.

I hit the dance floor and tried mimicking Brad as best as I could. I've gotten to the point where I stopped caring if I look retarded doing this shit.

I'm into rock and I was bumping and grinding to hip hop, something I never thought I'd do. It paid off, I scored a makeout within like 10 min by hooking this tight Asian girl. I number closed when the tit sucking and hair pulling was over with. I learned about body language stuff that I was doing wrong that I didn't even realize and showed me how I misapplied certain techniques.

I also discovered some inner game and identity concepts that were really helpful. Not corny shit like, "I see the pimp inside you man. Try walking up to a girl and saying, "Hey, did we sleep together last weekend," and have her run off with a shocked look on her face.

We then all left and went to the bookstore and did some exercises.

By this time everyone had a great bond going on and we were all having a blast. Throughout this time Glenn was helping me with my text message game between the girl I met at the shoes store and I decided I wanted to meet up with her that night. After sarging some more most of the guys were burnt out and went home, but me and two other guys wanted to go run night game at some of the bars and I had time to kill before I was suppose to head over to the hotel bar at I was really interested in seeing how I would perform with no coaches around.

We headed over to a bar and I ended up blowing out 3 times which I was totally bummed about. On my fourth approach I ended up approaching a pure 9 who was waiting for the bathroom and absolutely destroyed it.

The Underground Dating Seminar Reviews

I ran it exactly the way they taught me. It was a lot easier though because me and this girl had a chemistry that was electric. I only ran 1 routine on her and everything else flowed naturally though I made sure to get her to qualify more and I had a lot of kino going. I never saw a girl flip her hair back so much, it seemed compulsive. She flipped her hair back every 10 seconds. This girl was the perfect girl to me, I swear I would have made her my girlfriend if we lived in the same town.

With her constantly giving IOs I went in for a makeout and it was so cute because it was amazing for about 20 seconds and then she pulled away because she said her friends were coming. It made me like her more. She asked me if I was going to hang out there all night and I told her I had a party to go to later on and I would call her and she agreed and gave me her number. I then headed over to the hotel and landed the samenight I mentioned before.

The end result of that was an amazing night with this girl who ended up paying for everything. I brought a guy from the bootcamp to take care of her friend who was a California party girl and he spent the night with her also and did a great job winging me. This whole event is a separate lay report onto itself and would probably double the size of this bootcamp review so I will have to make that separate but there is no doubt being in the right state and learning what was wrong with my game led me to this result.

I never had a samenight lay in my entire life and I know only a few guys who had with girls who were actually sober. Me and this girl screwed 3 times and only slept for about 4 hours.