Slam dunk 51 latino dating

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slam dunk 51 latino dating

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Slam Dunk (TV)

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slam dunk 51 latino dating

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Satch Sandersa career Boston Celtic from tosaid: It was an unwritten rule The dunk became a fan-favorite, as offensive players began to aggressively intimidate defenders with the threat of vicious slams.

slam dunk 51 latino dating

Through the s, the slam dunk was standard fare; David ThompsonJulius ErvingDarryl Dawkinsand others wowed crowds with high-flying moves.

Dunk types[ edit ] Dunk types reflect the various motions performed on the way to the basket. They start with the basic one- or two-hand forward-facing dunk and go on through various levels of athleticism and intricacy.

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Discrete dunk types can be modified by appending other moves; for example, a player who passes the ball off the backboard, catches it in the air, and executes a double-pump dunk would be said to have completed a "self-pass off the backboard, double pump". Double Clutch[ edit ] At the onset of the jump, the ball is controlled by either one or both hands and once in the air is typically brought to chest level. The player will then quickly thrust the ball downwards and fully extend their arms, bringing the ball below the waist.

Finally the ball is brought above the head and dunked with one or both hands; and the double clutch appears as one fluid motion.

slam dunk 51 latino dating

As a demonstration of athletic prowess, the ball may be held in the below-the-waist position for milliseconds longer, thus showcasing the player's hang time jumping ability. While this orientation is rather conducive to the double clutch motion, Spud Webb was known to perform the dunk while facing the basket. During the jump, the ball is raised above, and often behind the player's head for a wind-up before slamming the ball down into the net at the apex of the jump.

Due to the undemanding body mechanics involved in execution, the tomahawk is employed by players of all sizes and jumping abilities. Circaindependent slam dunker Troy McCray pioneered an especially complex variant of the dunk: InDarryl Dawkins twice shattered NBA backboards with tomahawk dunks leading to a quickly-enacted rule making it an offence to break the backboard. Windmill[ edit ] Before takeoff, or at the onset of the jump, the ball is brought to the abdomen and then the windmill motion is started by moving the ball below the waist according to the length of the player's fully extended arm.

Then following the rotation of the outstretch arm, the ball is moved in a circular motion, typically moving from the front towards the back, and then slammed through the rim from the profile view of a player facing the basket, the windmill motion most generally appears clockwise.

Although, due to momentum, many players are unable to palm the ball through the entire windmill motion, the dunk is often completed with one-hand as centripetal force allows the player to guide the ball with only their dunking hand. In some instances sticky resins or powders may be applied to the palm, these are thought to improve grip and prevent loss of possession.

There are a number of variations on the windmill, the most common being the aforementioned one- or two-hand variants.

In these cases, the windmill motion may be performed with the previously discussed one-arm technique and finished with one- or two-hands, or the player may control the ball with two hands, with both arms performing the windmill motion, finishing with one or both hands.

Additionally, the ball may be cuffed between the hand and the forearm—generally with the dominant hand. The cuff technique provides better ball security, allowing for a faster windmill motion and increased force exerted on the basket at finish, with either one or both hands. Using the cuffing method, players are also afforded the opportunity of performing the windmill motion towards the front counterclockwisea technique exploited by French athlete Kadour Ziani when he pioneered his trademark double-windmill.

Occasionally in the game setting, the windmill is performed via alley-oop but is rarely seen in offense-rebound putback dunks due to the airtime required. Between the Legs[ edit ] For one-footed jumpers, the ball is generally transferred to the non-dominant hand just before or upon take-off; for two-footers, this transfer is often delayed for milliseconds as both hands control the ball to prevent dropping it. Once airborne, the dunker generally transfers the ball from non-dominant to dominant hand beneath a raised leg.

Finally, the ball is brought upwards by the dominant hand and slammed through the rim. The between-the-legs dunk was popularized by Isaiah Rider in the NBA slam dunk contest, [11] so much so that the dunk is often colloquially referred to as a "Rider dunk" — notwithstanding Orlando Woolridge 's own such dunk in the NBA contest a decade earlier.

Its difficulty — due to the required hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and hang-time — keeps it generally reserved for exhibitions and contests, not competitive games. Ricky Davis has managed to complete the dunk in an NBA game, [13] but both he [14] and Josh Smith [15] have botched at least one in-game attempt as well.

Because of the possible combinations of starting and finishing hands, and raised-legs, there are many variations on the basic under-the-legs dunk—more so than any other.

Due to the athleticism and hang-time required, the dunk is a crowd favorite and is heralded by players as the preeminent of all dunks. Instead of simply dunking the ball with one or two hands, the player allows their forearm s to pass through the basket, hooking their elbow pit on the rim before hanging for a short period of time.

In the NBA contest, Los Angeles Clippers power-forward Blake Griffin completed a self-pass off of the backboard prior to elbow-hanging on the rim. A number of other variants of the elbow hang have been executed, including a lob self-pass, hanging by the arm pit[22] a windmill, [23] and over a person. InCanadian athlete Justin Darlington introduced an iteration aptly entitled a 'double-elbow hang', in which the player inserts both forearms through the rim and subsequently hangs on both elbows pits.

#Slam dunk da funk

Modifier-activities occur prior to leaping or while airborne. Modifiers performed prior to leaping pertain to the manner of approach e.

slam dunk 51 latino dating

Modifiers performed while airborne pertain to bodily rotation e. Dunk types can also be modified with obstructions e. Modifiers are inherent to in-game dunking and conduce toward successful dunking as a means to score points. Modifiers are important in the grading of slam dunk contests because dunk types are made more difficult when modified i. For taxonomic purposes it is an important distinction, but the modifiers discussed below are often considered dunk types in common parlance.

This misconception is perhaps attributable to the modifier being the most salient component of the dunk from the perspective of the observer. However, each dunk modifier requires a dunk type to be a successful dunk—albeit the most-basic dunk type.

Alley-oop[ edit ] Kendrick Nunn catches an inbounds pass from Jabari Parker far left with one hand and performs an alley oop dunk, catching the defender offguard. An alley-oop dunk, as it is colloquially known, is performed when a pass is caught in the air and then dunked.

The application of an alley-oop to a slam dunk occurs in both games and contests. In games, when only fractions of a second remain on the game or shot clockan alley-oop may be attempted on in-bound pass because neither clock resumes counting down until an in-bounds player touches the ball.

Baseline dunk[ edit ] Kendall Pollard performs a baseline dunk before the defender can get in position. The baseline dunk is an approach-modifier of any dunk type in which the player approaches the basket along the court-boundary baseline which runs parallel with the backboard.

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In the game setting, the dunk often comes as the result of a pass, creating an assist opportunity for a teammate. In the contest, the baseline approach may be used as a means of convenience, facilitating a particular dunk type e.

From a distance[ edit ] This is a dunk where the player takes off from a distance which is significantly further away from the basket than is considered typical. The free-throw line is most commonly constituted as the take-off point, an effect likely attributed to the easily observable span between the line and the basket in the view of the TV audience.

In order to achieve the hang-time and altitude necessary, players will generally leap from one-foot to maximize the momentum generated from the half-court running start often required to complete the dunk. A cornerstone of dunk contests, dunks from a distance are also performed in games, most often on the fast break. Free throw line[ edit ] In the s, Jim Pollard [27] and Wilt Chamberlain [28] had both dunked from the free throw line—15 feet from the basket.