Rune factory 4 dating xiao pai

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rune factory 4 dating xiao pai

Now if you are dating more then one person at a time and get married, all your lovers will go back to Xiao Pai: Oh no its contagious! and A Cooper's Windfall. Rune Factory 4 introduces dating system to Rune Factory series. For the bachelors (and Xiao Pai), the sub-event will also include the marriage candidate . I'm trying to marry Xiao and I did some research on the interwebs. She is apparently the only girl with reverse proposal, okay fair enough, but I.

Her dialogue is generally very happy-go-lucky, friendly, and sweet. She is one of the more mature and serious bachelorettes, having genuine concern for others and worrying about them often. Amber Amber, Amber, Amber. Amber has butterfly wings.

Her prerequisite events attempt to explain a reason for this, in the end only succeeding in proving that Amber is slightly insane. Nevertheless, she is sweet, friendly, and has an innocence about her that the other bachelorettes lack. She spends her time wandering around town or tending to the flower shop. Clorica is a maid who lives in the castle with you, occasionally waking you up in the morning. Most of her dialogue will consist of talking about how tired she is, or her condition, which can get old fast.

IF you triggered the confession but don't want that candidate or change your mind just pick the negative option I"m just kidding this will break their heart though. If they accept they'll want to meet you the next day again at the plaza at ten. You can choose the meeting place, observatory, blacksmith shop, the restaurant, general shop,your room, the florist shop, airship and the lake.

When you do go on a date though you have the option to get closer to them at the end of it. The more dates you go on the more you unlock. The gift will be kept in thier bedroom you can also buy them flowers at the florist shop. At the Blacksmith they will give you a random accessory at the end of it.

The double bed you need to order using your prince points for Blossom the general store owner. The engagement ring is a Level 20 accessory. You will need the workbench to craft this. You don't need a double bed or engagement ring. Spends much of his time fishing. His totally goofy grin just sells it. He has an awesome lightning attack that shoots a dozen beams in all directions, but due to his abysmal intelligence, his magic attacks are quite weak.

He really doesn't take kindly to being likened to a horse. In one event, a traveler calls him "horse-face" and he immediately threatens to "punt him and Doug into next week.

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To Lest, or to Frey if she's not his girlfriend. He'll also request that you take him with you if you go someplace dangerous, because he might be useful. Boy Of My Dreams: In the official manga, Frey was dreaming about him as Thunderbolt for some time, which is how she instinctively knew how to change him back.

Cannot Spit It Out: And then if he does spit it out, he'll immediately try to backpedal. Dark Is Not Evil: His black clothing and somewhat sour demeanor aren't an indication of impending doom unless you call him a horse.

He's extremely stubborn, and Thunderbolt even has to be killed twice — he'll turn redfall down like he's defeated, and then get back up again to go a second round. At least, not to the person he needs to say it to. Sure, he'll thank you for giving him food, but the only way you'll hear his thanks for, y'know, saving him from being trapped in the Water Ruins and actually being his friend is to check his diary it also comes with the comment that he should probably say this in person.

He also seems to spend more time telling you how grateful he is to Porcoline than actually telling Porcoline himself. One of his random high-friendship conversations mentions that he was "bored with life" and that the player "saved" him, which would likely imply that he felt suicidal. Has a single dark line across his left cheek. It's not mentioned if it's a scar or simply part of being half-horse-monster. Fish out of Temporal Water: Out of all the guardians, he doesn't mind it too much, though he's obviously not very comfortable at first.

He's pretty brash and can come off as intimidating. He also doesn't talk much, so people avoided him.

His collar is trimmed in dark grey fur that matches his ears. Considering how well it matches, it's possible that's his own fur, cut off and sewn onto the jacket.

His default weapon is a pair of gloves. Majority of his attire seems to consist of leather where it's not fur. If he's not helping Porco at the restaurant, there's a really good chance he's fishing. When you get to hear his memories in the Forest of Beginnings, he even says to think of his going away to be a Guardian as a really long fishing trip. In his confession to Frey, he claims he's not too bright and tends to charge into things without thinking.


Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: An Informed Attributesince his sprite barely looks a few pixels taller than Frey, but he's actually tall enough to be safe from Frey's attempts at an Affectionate Gesture to the Head on dates.

When Frey asks him to date her, he first goes through a list of what's wrong with him — he's bad at conversation, he tends to act without thinking — and asks if she'll really accept an idiot like him. One piece hangs down in the middle of his face. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: His brash way of talking is off-putting, though he always means well.

rune factory 4 dating xiao pai

It's just that he isn't so good at expressing himself. His human form sports horse ears and a tail. Next to Leon, has the longest hair out of the bachelors. Because a great deal of the text isn't voiced, players may go quite a long time without actually hearing someone call him by name.

Many have decided they prefer to pronounce his name as "Die-lass" instead of the game's "Dill-lass" the Japanese version is more like "Dee-lass". One of the major issues with befriending him in the beginning: Whenever he's put in a social situation against his will, it is very likely he will say something rather mean or blunt in a panic. He gets better with time and gifts though. If you give him something he likes on his birthday, he'll initially be overjoyed, then catch himself and tell you it's not bad.

His reaction to raw fish is priceless: On top of his extremely gruff exterior, he doesn't seem to fully grasp the concept of Valentine's Day it's supposed to be "something special" However, later subverted as dating him reveals that he actually does understand love — it's just that he has very little idea on how to express it.

With Frey in the official Nintendo Dream comic.

rune factory 4 dating xiao pai

His sprites seem to show his tail starting somewhere up between his kidneys. All his 3D models show it growing more logically out of his butt. Likes fishing; dislikes talking. Real Men Hate Sugar: