Keep options open while dating

It's ok to keep options open while dating

keep options open while dating

He said several things to me the other day that made me think. Maybe I should keep options open while dating and not get too stuck. Keeping your options open after you've found someone truly amazing makes you an While you may find plenty of short term “relationships” to pass your time, years What's the point in dating and finally finding someone amazing to build. A new romance is exciting and it is natural to want to go at it with total gusto, but the ability to keep your options open while dating instead of zeroing in on one.

Keeping Your Options Open

So to avoid disappointment and heartache they date a few women. And if not ready to pursue the next step with one special woman…. To avoid the risk of total loss…. We as women aspire to meet and become exclusive with a special gent as well. But sometimes, we may also have personal matters to deal with, recently out of a relationship or are career focused. We currently cannot give a man all the attention that he needs or have the time to address all the emotional aspects of a relationship.

So we prefer to establish friendships with a possible plus one at a social event. Or we as well are just as picky. Timing of our interests and the men we pursue is often off.

  • It’s ok to keep options open while dating
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When we are ready it is typically out of sync with the other person wants. So why the man we date may not be ready for exclusivity…we begin to date other men and give them an opportunity to shine and pursue our heart.

keep options open while dating

So us woman sometimes may have our heart with one person but understand that exclusivity is not discussed. But I guess, looks are not all that. There has to be chemistry between you and the other person. The 43 year old guy on the other hand was interesting but not my type. I did like talking to him reason why I said yes to a second date. We were supposed to meet at a mall in Irvine so we can have dinner.

I went with my mom who worked in Newport before so she dropped me off. I waited for 2 long hours. Called him and texted him and I got no reply. I decided to head home so I called my brother and he picked me up. I have never been stood up in my life and that just showed me what his character is.

How to Keep Options Open While Dating | Dating Tips

I felt very disrespected. My time was wasted. He texted me the next day asking for another chance, I could not see him anymore. I told him no. Months have gone and we would still communicate.

keep options open while dating

He would always text me how I was. I have gotten back together with my ex and our relationship was always on and off. Last year, sometime in September or October, he got hold of me on Viber. I told him straight up that I was pregnant and he said he still wanted to see me.

I was apprehensive but I told him yes. However I changed my number.

The Dating Game: Exclusivity vs. Keeping Options Open | Happily Divorced and After

And have not contacted him since then. The psychological immune system protects us, to some extent, from the negative consequences of our choices—because after all, almost every choice has a downside.

keep options open while dating

The key to happiness is to dwell as little as possible on that downside. And as a result, your performance suffers. For instance, in one study, people who made a reversible decision were able to recall fewer correct answers on a subsequent task then those who made a choice they had to stick with.

So keeping your options open leads to less happiness and success, not more. We just prefer having the option to do so, and that preference is costing us. Follow her on Twitter hghalvorson.

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