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el tony williams dating

Eltony Williams is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Eltony Williams and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes . Main · Videos; El tony williams dating nake. Verify some pumpkin what tickle from man whoever would verify whereby you will bean that the pumpkin from ally is. Main · Videos; El tony williams dating after divorce. First whilst foremost, i squeal you squeal to be ornamental when you're inkling women. I fleetingly catechize.

They will encourage that specific celebrity and would consider it a brave act. If someone famous reveals his sexual orientation that was, it is considered a Public Relations stunt.

The case in point is Caitlyn Jenner. With famous folks, things are different. When Their sexual orientation that is new-found is disclosed by them, everybody praises and encourages them like it had been a gesture.

Among the best examples will be Kristen Stewart. She received plenty of roles, both after she had told everyone she is, in fact, a female. What do you predict that? Things are different for celebrities. When a celebrity comes out As gay, individuals are extremely encouraging and supporting, as if it were some sort of action.

Since there is a good deal of media focus, which will result in a career boost it means a good deal in PR terms. The ability of media is wonderful. Famous folks have it simple. Instead they get support from their fans and they are commended for their guts of coming out as gay. The press turns its focus on such subject. He became Caitlyn Jenner and received a whole TV series. How about that career boost?

Is Eltony Williams gay? Nonetheless, there are still some who look at people though they are social pariahs. But he is later found murdered in his home and Kelly is the main suspect. After awhile, Kelly is stalked unstop by Travis and later shoots him to death. While in jail, she can't come to terms with what she has done and still sees images of Travis stalking her.

Lousion finds Kelly hanging in her cell. A very business-savvy woman. Heather Hemmens as Marcie Holmes, a real estate agent and Randall's unhappy wife, who is angry with Alex for her affair with Randall. Gets even with both of them by embarking on a revenge affair with Brad. She demands that Randall divorce her; he refuses because he still loves her, but also loves Alex. Although in the Season 3 finale, it is revealed that Randall may be the father of her baby.

At the end of season 4, Marcie suffers a miscarriage.

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Mother of a daughter named Mika with Edward. When she began dating Julius, he immediately became a target of Edward's rage and jealousy, which is later justified as he is the relative of a drug-cartel leader, which constantly places her and Mika in danger. Often hovers over her oldest son, Joey.

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Randall Holmes, Marcie's estranged husband, a psychologist. He has an affair with Alex, which destroys both his marriage to Marcie and his friendship with Brad. With the affair out in the second season premiere he is attacked by both Eddie and Brad.

el tony williams dating

Later that night Brad destroys Randall's boat and comes at him with an axe and the two begin to fight as Brad pulls out a gun and shots are fired. In season three Randall gets a dose of his own medicine when he finds Marcie and Brad begin a revenge affair and having sex in his shed where he had his affair with Alex. He refuses to divorce Marcie, because he wants to have both women in his life.

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In the season three finale it was revealed that Randall is not the father of Alex's newborn baby boy. Due to a paternity glitch, Randall is unaware that he is still the father of Alex's baby and soon Marcie's unborn one. Now a businessman who was unaware of his wife's affair with his friend, Randall until the second season premiere.

He gets into a fight with Randall, demolishes his boat and nearly kills him.

el tony williams dating

He eventually leaves Alex and he begins a revenge affair with Marcie. Brad is the father of Peter and Paisley his children with Alex, Brad had a vasectomy after Paisley's birth, which gives credence to Randall being the father of Alex's newborn son. Marine and a very corrupt police officer for the city of Maxine. He has a daughter named Mika with Esperanza. He still intends to control her life although he himself is remarried and has kids with a woman named Yolanda, who would eventually leave him as well.

Later revealed that he is still in love with Esperanza, which drives him to behave the way he does, and is also a recovering cocaine addict. He's a rookie cop with Eddie, who has a hostile working relationship with him, due to his corrupt ways. However, he still has enough loyalty to save him from a drive by shooting. Ian is recruited to be Kelly's attorney but hits a road block.

Upon his return, he reveals that he got engaged to another woman while in Haiti and left Kelly. However, he has second thoughts, and ends his engagement. He then pursues Kelly anew, although she is very disinterested. During the third and fourth seasons, he becomes very angry and hostile towards Kelly. He is shot and killed by Kelly later in season 4.