Young stars dating old and stripes

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young stars dating old and stripes

American Stars 'n Bars is the eighth studio album by Canadian musician Neil Young, released It features Connie Moskos, then the girlfriend of producer David Briggs, drooping with a bottle of Canadian Dobro, backing vocal on "Star of Bethlehem"; Carole Mayedo — violin on "The Old Country Waltz," "Saddle Up the. In a country with one of the world's youngest populations, politics are still dominated by an old guard of aging traditionalists, many of whom. KADENA AIR BASE, Okinawa — As Randy Pedersen watched, Dolan McClendon's bowling ball hooked from the middle of the lane into the.

Upon my inquiry, it was indeed confirmed as having twenty-six stars, representing Michigan, admitted to the Union inand official untilwhen Florida became a state.

young stars dating old and stripes

Even though Star Flags are more common than others since they were made for eight years, and even though the seller did not have a photograph of the flag, I purchased it anyway.

The flag arrived and upon my initial inspection, my excitement heightened when I counted, "25, 26, and Texas was admitted to the Union only ten months later on December 29,and the Star Flag became official on July 4, Since this Florida flag was official for such a short period of time, it is extremely difficult to find, and the simple counting error provided an unexpected rare flag for my collection!

Even more memorable than these chance acquisitions are the people and stories that flags represent — they are, in my mind, what make each flag invaluable. Each one is a reminder that flags are far more than pieces of fabric, they are symbols of the most fundamental values we share, windows to people who came before us and whose lives added, through acts of modesty or great valor, to our national heritage.

One Star Flag stands out.

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InI was visiting an antique market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. Walking from booth to booth, I methodically asked the dealers if they had any flags. Seldom did they have anything other than what was on display. But that Sunday I was quite lucky when I stopped to talk to a dealer who featured old toys that were neatly arranged in glass cases. When I asked him the standard question, he said, after a brief pause, "I do have one old flag, but it is in bad shape.

young stars dating old and stripes

Written in heavy, script letters on the side of the box were the words "Civil War Flag. Inside the box I found a delicate Star Flag. To my amazement, the history of the flag was written on the inside of the box: Officer of the Civil War, who was shot through the lungs and went to Paris for treatment.

young stars dating old and stripes

I think he died of a hemorrhage in my Father's arms. I should thank my beloved cousin, who has always cared for this Flag. Like many of the millions killed or injured during the Civil War, he left scant footprints. However, each time I display this flag, it resonates powerfully with the great and terrible sacrifices made during that war.

I marked the Star Flag that happened to be flying at our home that day with a special tag. The following year, I began my own simple tradition of flying that same flag on each consecutive September 11th to honor and remember those whose lives changed that day.

young stars dating old and stripes

As I have traveled the country exhibiting flags from my collection and giving talks on their history, I have been struck by three things. First, very few Americans know much about our flag.

Second, they become intensely interested in its history when they begin to listen to stories about the flag. Third, people are eager to display the flag, either to celebrate national holidays or as a daily reminder of the freedoms we enjoy.

Young stars win their stripes

During exhibitions of flags from my collection, people frequently share stories with me about "their flag. I accepted his invitation, and after telling me about the flag, he insisted I add it to my collection, since he wanted it to be enjoyed by people. Each time I include that flag in an exhibition, I am reminded of him and others who are so proud of the American flag.

Drawing conclusions The compromise design was - like the EU stripes - intended to reflect both diversity and unity, but was also supposed to be simple enough "that a child could draw it recognisably". That many children already have difficulty remembering the order of the colours of the rainbow, raises the worry that the complex Koolhaas design may prove a little too taxing for young artists.

The United States flag has changed 27 times since the Stars and Stripes was adopted in - with 25 of those alterations made to add new stars as new states entered the Union. The US flag now has 50 stars clustered in the top left corner - up from the original 13 - in an arrangement that would make an EU flag with 25 stars look positively sparse in comparison. Some of your comments so far: It's only fit for a pub quiz question - "What are the colours of the EU flag - in the correct order?

Have you not noticed that the current EU flag only has 12 stars, despite there being 15 member states? They stopped adding news stars a while ago, saying that 12 is "the symbol of perfect unity". Richard Thomas, UK Keep the same flag.

Freedom Fabric: A History of the Stars and Stripes : NPR

Just put more and smaller stars on it. The current flag and colours are pretty nice. Braulio Mercader, Germany It seems like a waste of money to me. What's wrong with the current flag?

I'm all in favour of a united Europe, but this is the type of story which Euro-sceptics relish. Is it important that there's a star for each nation?

Mark, UK A flag should be easily recognisable and reproducible by patriots and children alike. The proposed "bar code" style, whilst recognisable, is very hard on the eyes and very hard on artists.

Freedom Fabric: A History of the Stars and Stripes

Something more along the lines of the Olympic movement flag might be better. The number of stars is invariably 12, which is the symbol of perfection and entirety. If 12 is the number of perfection and entirety more stars will only bring us closer to the circle - as everybody knows, the most perfect and balanced symbol.

Forget about these stupid stripes.