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Cornelia: This doesn't involve sewing does it? Irma: Cornelia started shopping for it in kindergarten. .. Caleb: I didn't know you and the poster were dating. Caleb met Cornelia since the first and second episode. Guardian form, looking older than her true form, and starts to have second thoughts. In the animated version, Cornelia did date Peter but in her Guardian form well. Sort: Archive Date, Update Date, Publish Date, Reviews, Favorites, Follows Cornelia and Caleb finally get to spend time together after all the guardian and In her last hours of life, Cornelia just wonders if she would ever see her ex when everything that has held Cornelia together for the past sixteen years begin to fall.

They work together a lot of times, like for instance freeing rebels in "The Rebel Rescue" or prisoners in "Escape from Cavigor". Once, Aldarn was hypnotized by Elyon into believing the rebellion was wrong and Phobos is good, and because Caleb disagrees with him, Aldarn challenges Caleb to leadership.

Caleb proves to be a better warrior and Aldarn is freed, with both participating together in the [8] Plains once the rebel base, the Infinite City, is discovered. Cornelia kisses him at the end of the season. However, in his decision to stay in Meridian, tensions arise between himself and Cornelia, as seen in "A is for Anonymous""B is for Betrayal", "C is for Changes", "D is for Dangerous" and "E is for Enemy" only in Cornelia's dream in "F is for Facades" he eventually decides to win her back by making a complete fool of himself at the ice skating ring.

Caleb discovers Cornelia now is with Taranee's older brother named Peter and this makes him angry. Cornelia becomes very upset and decides to breakup with Peter to cheer Caleb up. The two eventually even out the odds and become a romantic couple again.

The Knights of Vengeance capture him later that day in [9] and even after rescuing him and the other rebels, it seemed like Caleb and Julian did not make it out alive. Cornelia actually cries so hard for him, but Nerissa returns them to safety for some reason.

After that, Caleb and Blunk go on many missions far away from the castle, seeking the Knights. When they release Prince Phobos in [10] Caleb tries to defend a currently unavailable Elyon's castle, but fails. Luckily Elyon arrives just in time, but gets captured by Nerissa after defeating Phobos. Caleb learns that Nerissa was a former Guardian, but continues to wonder about her as she always goes easy on him as seen in [11] and [12].

In [13]he learns his father, Julian, fell romantically in love with the Mage seventeen years ago, but Caleb also learns that the real Mage died eighteen years ago and she took the Mage's place: Caleb has a hard time getting used to this as his attitude goes down while defending Zamballa from the Knights of Destruction.

After Nerissa "fails" to capture Yan Lin in [14]Caleb takes a break from the plot until the situation becomes desperate as the Guardians cannot defeat Nerissa's team of old Guardians. Will decides in [15] to release Prince Phobos, and Caleb and Vathek, though not so sure on the idea, do it. Caleb tries to get Phobos adjusted to human life, but it all runs short when Phobos reveals his true intentions in [16]: Caleb leads the defense troops in Meridian, but Phobos is too powerful and the rebels have to retreat to Kandrakar.

However at the Battle of the Infinite City, Caleb and Blunk are taken prisoners and are sentenced to death by Phobos in [17]. Luckily, Will, Taranee and Raythor who is now a good guy rescue both of them.

In the final battle for Kandrakar, Caleb and his date Cornelia fight off evil, and after the Guardians leave to defend Earth, Caleb is able to stop Miranda from destroying the Aurameres, the very source of the Guardians' power and strength. After Nerissa's defeat, Cornelia and Caleb discuss their future, and Caleb admits to Cornelia after seeing her human form he doesn't know if their romantic relationship will work, as he is much older than she is, and doesn't really know her beyond her Guardian duties.

Angered and shocked, Cornelia tells him that he is a monster and, after the break up, Caleb decided to return to Meridian with all the other members of W. It took Cornelia many months to get over Caleb. Still missing him, she began to have a negative view on love. Even when Peter started asking her on dates she often rejected or backed out at the last minute. Though Peter has always liked Cornelia, he does sometimes find her selfish and spoiled, but after a long time, the two finally came together in a close romantic relationship that's still going on deep and strong.

Comic Special, Cornelia and Caleb: Oracle visits their dreams and in order to help them recover from the break-up he shows two possible outcomes of what could have happened if they stayed together.

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Both of them do not have a happy ending. If Caleb stayed on Earth with Cornelia, he would have been eventually declared a convict and the police, including Irma Lair 's dad, would have tried to capture him.

Naturally Cornelia wouldn't like that at all and all five Guardians would have helped defend Caleb from the police. Sometime during the confusion, Irma would have gotten shot, fallen down unconscious, and transformed back into her human self among the police and her dad, who, of course, recognized his daughter.

Their secret blown, W. Even so, she would eventually feel incredibly homesick and miss her other friends so much that Elyon would have had to make a powerful potion to erase Cornelia's memories of her life on Earth When the other W. After quite a bit of this, Cornelia would not have taken it anymore and would have admitted that she never drank the potion, not wanting to forget all the good memories of her Earth life.

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Many readers complained that she could have 'visited Elyon in the holidays' to be with Caleb and moved to Meridian to be with him when she was older. In the first season of the animated series, Cornelia and Caleb show their romantic feelings towards each other but they never seem to notice. The first time she saw him she had a crush on him. Caleb grabs one which just happens to be the one with his name and picture and reads it: She kissed him at the end of season 1" In the beginning of season 2 Cornelia breaks up with him, Caleb tries to get her back and, despite her romantic feelings she rejects him.

She was really angry witch him. In episode F is for Facades, Cornelia is on a date with Peter at the ice-skating rink just when Elyon has given Caleb enough confidence to win her back!

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Cornelia changes her height and Irma changes the color of her clothing, so, she can be with Peter and Caleb without the other noticing. Caleb agrees to meet Cornelia outside right before returning his ice-skates A. After begging, Caleb forgives her and they become a happy couple again. After this they kiss some more times throughout the season.

Differences in the Comic book and the TV series While Cornelia is somewhat "boycrazy" in the TV series, the comic however, shows she seems to show a dislike for boys; even before Caleb came into her life she ignored other boys flirting or kindness such as not going to Peter's party when she was invited ; however she became very "soft" when she and Caleb started a relationship.

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This was because she knew there was someone special for her because of her dreams about Caleb. But in subsequent comics her relationship with Peter has begun to grow. She and Caleb break up a few episodes in the second season when Caleb chooses Meridian over Cornelia. Cornelia is disappointed and hurt by Caleb's choice. Back on Earth she had a few dates with Peter, after she had the new power to become taller. When her date is interrupted by Caleb and the girls who are at the ice rink with Lillian, she used her new power combined with Irma's new power of changing the colors of clothing so she could change her outfit to pink when she was with the other boy.

When Caleb finds out that she had a double-date with Peter he is disappointed. Cornelia realized that she loves Caleb more than Peter and breaks up with Peter to start over with Caleb.

Trivia She is in the same class as Will. Her favorite colour is Green although in the tv series in episode 17 'Mogriffs' it was depicted by Elyon that Gold is also her favorite colour. Her hobby is ice skating. Cornelia and Kadma both have the same emotional weakness, both of them suffer from Pride. She likes succeeding in a competition, a good grade on a test, and a perfect ensemble. She hates affairs of the heart, jealous ice skating students, and getting hurt before a competition.

She absolutely hates her little sister Lillian when she is in a spying mood, Irma's wooden leg jokes and stupid sentences that come out of her mouth. She likes music that has smart lyrics. Karmilla and Cobalt Blue are OK, but not her first choices. She also listens to classical music.

Will, Taranee and Hay Lin, seemed to be handling the guards attacks pretty well, as for Irma and Caleb, they looked okay now, but Aaron was staring directly at them with and angered smile, which Cornelia knew, was not a good sign. Feeling her staring at him, Aaron turned his attention back to Cornelia. When Irma and Caleb got to the altar, Irma let Caleb go. As soon as the rebel got back to earth, he went running straight to the box where Cornelia was trapped, while the brunette stayed obviously in an attempt to fight the evil king.

Caleb, on the other hand, finally got to the crystal box. He put both hands in the glass, not being able to control his fears. Will probably will have to use the heart to break it or…- -Or I could help- A voice suddenly said from behind them, and Cornelia turned to see Horace and Agnes, standing right behind them. The first one was holding an orange pedant in his left hand and it was glowing hysterically.

Frowning, Caleb took out his sword, ready to attack the two strangers -Stay away from us! We can trust them! Aaron let out an evil laugh. I will show you strength- Taranee yelled all of a sudden, and before anyone could even notice it the fire guardian, who was at the moment in mid air trying to battle the gigantic guards, raised up her arms and a big flame of fire appeared exactly where the mass of guards was reunited, making all of them scream painfully at the heat.

The king crossed his arms. Irma, who was almost recovering from his last attack, saw Hay Lin faint next to her, she was ready to attack back, but soon a flame reached her, making her fall once again.

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The king then turned to Will. She looked back at him furiously. No need to answer, I recognize a leader when I see it- He said casually —okay, now…What are we going to do with you? Perhaps, if you gave me the heart of Candracar willingly I could let you live…- Will frowned, ready to attack: