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Rapunzel just became the first Disney Princess to do this, and it's a big deal - HelloGiggles

You know how the Disney fairy tale goes: Boy meets girl, one of them the road Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Eugene Fitzherbert get married and. Flynn Rider (born Eugene Fitzherbert) is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney . The film's change in title from Rapunzel to the more gender- neutral Tangled is . According to Tison Pugh, author of The Disney Middle Ages : A Fairy-Tale . Definitive Ranking of Disney Princes Based on Overall Dating Eligibility". Anonymous said: Thoughts on Rapunzel and Flynn's age difference (which I just I'm not the one to ask because I'm pretty anti-Tangled all around. . Don't forget to follow us at our new blog @disneycritical to stay up to date.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? It's a relief to see that Disney can still conjure up a princess movie to rival its all-time greats.

In there was the lovely, hopeful Tiana in The Princess and the Frogand now there's another fairy tale heroine who's worthy of adoration: She's guileless, strong, and beautiful -- and so breathtakingly good that you can't help but weep with her when she thinks all hope is lost.

And her chemistry with Flynn is so heart-flutteringly good that you don't even need to use the kids as an excuse to watch: This is a perfect date-night pick. Their relationship is built on mutual respect and trust, something completely missing in many earlier Disney movies.

Rapunzel just became the first Disney Princess to do this, and it's a big deal

And it's Flynn who nearly dies and requires Rapunzel to save him, not the other way around! What a refreshing turn on the age-old damsel-in-distress meets dashing-prince story.

As for the dramatic tension, it's best in the form of Mother Gothel -- brilliantly played by Murphy, whose signature Broadway voice on fabulous display in the amazing number "Mother Knows Best" adds the necessary punch to Moore's sweet, airy vocals. Mother is, at least as princess film villains go, a personal favorite. In a youth-obsessed culture, who couldn't extend the tiniest bit of sympathy for an ancient, shriveled old hag who'd rather look like a young Sophia Loren -meets- Cher?

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Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about the message in Tangled that it's never too late to realize a dream -- whether it's seeing lanterns or becoming a pianist.

Do you have any "someday" dreams?

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When Levi was first cast as the voice of Flynn, the character had been scripted as a British farmer at the time, requiring Levi to voice him with a British accent until Flynn was eventually developed into a bandit with an American accent.

Levi's starring role on Chuck required the actor to constantly "shed a character and take on another character and shed that character and then go back to something else". Howard explained, "He's so smart and clever, and his adlibs are so great, and you like him straight away Wanting to sound "more appropriate" for the film's medieval setting, Levi "cleaned up [his] own diction and made things a little bit more polished", [22] referring to Flynn's accent as Mid-Atlantic.

The directors did not like this because, according to Greno, Flynn "did this reaction where [he] treated her like she's nuts". Although both directors agreed that Flynn's reaction was funny, Greno and Howard wanted the characters to "connect" emotionally during this scene. Fogelman concluded, "At his heart, he's really kind of a lost soul who doesn't quite know what he wants and who he is. However, the directors had always envisioned Flynn as "a dashing thief". Calling it the "Hot Man Meeting", [34] the employees were encouraged to "bring in pictures of their favorite hunky men".

Rapunzel & Flynn's age difference

Photos being torn in half and pasted back together. Eyes were ripped from one picture and put on another. Heads were torn from photos," concluding, "I've never seen anything like it. Legend of the Seven Seas A Fairy-Tale and Fantasy Past, Flynn "amalgamates the comedy-action hero with the swashbuckling romantic sensations of Errol Flynn, layering them over a fairy-tale hero attributed with comedic lines that undermine the romantic nostalgia of the film's setting", [41] while serving as a source of comic relief at times.

There the character is blackmailed by Rapunzel, who seizes the crown in order to convince Flynn to guide her to the floating lanterns in time for her eighteenth birthday, while Mother Gothelher vain, controlling guardian, is absent.

Flynn is pursued by a police horse named Maximus ; the vengeful Stabbington Brothers, two former accomplices of his; and Gothel, who grows increasingly obsessed with retrieving Rapunzel in order to continue using her hair to grant her eternal life. Meanwhile, Flynn falls in love with Rapunzel and undergoes a change of heart, only to be apprehended by the Stabbington Brothers, who hand him over to the officials, who sentence him to death.

Maximus helps him escape and return to Rapunzel's tower in time to cut her hair, which in turn ages Gothel into dust. By falling in love with Rapunzel, Flynn undergoes a dramatic change of heart; he stops thieving and returns to using his birth name, Eugene. It takes place between the feature film and the short Tangled Ever After.

Flynn is one of their better efforts to add to Aladdin, Mowgli and the Beast. Joe Williams of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch referred to it as "flippant". Scott of The New York Times described it as "annoyingly smart-alecky". However, Goss relented, "The voice-over tapers off, though, and Levi proves to be a suitably cocky foil to the neurotic love interest.