Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce

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In the recently released photos, Seohyun and Lee Won Geun are featured in character as young lovers beginning a romance. In the drama. Against the first three inheritances after mohammed, three against them were cop seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce seohyun and lee won geun. Lee Won Geun plays the main male protagonist on the drama Fans start a government petition against Dispatch after Kai and Jennie's dating.

Wan-seung adds that he saw the security footage of Hyun-soo walking out of the hospital alive. Detective Go cockily asks if Wan-seung knows why Hyun-soo walked out of the hospital. We see that when Hyun-soo had been left alone in her hospital room, Detective Go had forced her to leave by threatening to fire his pistol at Wan-seung the moment he returned.

As she had walked out of the hospital, she had spotted Wan-seung at the front desk from afar and stared longingly at him before finally leaving. As she makes her way home though, she reports everything to CEO Ha, telling him that Wan-seung saw the surveillance footage of Hyun-soo walking out of the hospital on her own two feet.

It appears that Hyun-soo was in possession of something that both CEO Ha and Chief Kim were after, but they never managed to find it even after she died. Wan-seung vigorously goes about his daily morning exercise as usual, but this time, as he makes his way down the stairs, he furtively walks to a building nearby and looks around carefully before going inside. As he had been about to leave, Seol-ok had weakly called out to him, telling him that there was a way to catch the culprits, even despite the expiry date of the statute of limitations.

While Seol-ok had still been hospitalized, Wan-seung had sneaked into her hospital room disguised as a doctor. When Joon-oh walks into the meeting room, Wan-seung snaps at him for being late, but Joon-oh retorts that he was the first to come, but that he just went to the bathroom for a bit. Special Unit Seven is back in commission! Seol-ok had asked carefully if Wan-seung would be okay with it since the murder instigator is CEO Ha, and Wan-seung had paused for a bit before switching topics to complain about Seol-ok seeing Ho-chul again.

Seol-ok had then complained about Wan-seung meeting up with Ji-won so often, and Wan-seung had teased her for being jealous. They know that Lawyer Jung has fallen for it, given that they bugged his phone and heard his report to Chief Kim. The scene transitions to Chief Kim in his office on another call with Detective Go: At the Scooby Unit meeting, Wan-seung gets a text that CEO Ha is on his way to the hospital, and they realize that the only reason for such a healthy person to go to the hospital is to get a DNA test.

The Scooby Unit gets ready to leave, and they walk out of the building in slow-motion glory, ready to catch some bad guys. At the lunchbox store, Kyung-mi is trying to teach Seol-ok how to cook and threatens to ban her from the kitchen if she gets too creative with the recipe again, ha.

Kyung-mi returns to see smoke rising out of an unattended pan and screams aloud to Seol-ok: Chief Kim offers her something she wants in return for this information, and Ji-won makes her demand: CEO Ha starts to make his way back, when suddenly, Wan-seung and the gang appear out of nowhere. CEO Ha realizes that this was all a trap, and that this is what Ji-won had been trying to tell him earlier in the day. Later, Wan-seung sits by the burial site and speaks to Hyun-soo, telling her that he kept his promise of finding her.

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Lee Won Geun Are Young Lovers in “Passionate Love”

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