Santino rice and trinity bonet dating

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santino rice and trinity bonet dating

The sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race began airing February 24, Like the fifth season, Santino Rice and Michelle Visage returned as judges. Two new pit . season, Title, Original air date. 66, 1, "RuPaul's Big .. Leaving BenDeLaCreme, Joslyn Fox, Milk, and Trinity K. Bonet to form the opposing group. Darienne. Trinity The Tuck, formerly known as Trinity Taylor, is the stage name of Ryan Taylor, a drag RuPaul · Michelle Visage · Carson Kressley · Ross Mathews · Santino Rice · Guest Judges Date of Birth . Trinity has the same first drag name of Trinity K. Bonet of Season 6 and same first real name as Ongina of Season 1. In addition to Ru, Michelle Visage, Santino Rice, and guest judges Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Joslyn Fox, and Trinity K. Bonet -- had to.

santino rice and trinity bonet dating

Either get in where you fit in, or get out. We jump to the recording session! Trina and Eve are here to mentor and serve as our guest judges. The only highlight of the recording session is Darienne falling on some trash cans while looking like a Hefty bag. She pulls out the sass for her verse and her look is completely appropriate. Her makeup is a little dark though. Ben DelaCreme — Great verse.

Pulled it off way more than I thought she would.

santino rice and trinity bonet dating

She definitely reminded me of this though. Bonet — Her verse is actually not that bad, even though her attitude is trash.

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  • Santino rice and trinity bonet dating

Love the wig she had for the video. She was smart to leave the flipper out for the video. Her dance was hilarious. For someone who likes to rap and did a great job in her Cover Gurlz cover, this was weak.

I honestly would have put her in the bottom for this. Darienne Lake — Wow. Bianca Del Rio — Continues to be flawless.

I love her shout out to Left Eye should have had a condom monocle though! Adore Delano — Brought it. Completely nailed the attitude and sass. Her look was on point. She just rocked this. Joslyn looks okay, but she desperately needs to step up her wardrobe.

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With a boost of income, I think she could create a more defined persona. Dela serves us rich bish in with a snow leopard muff that I enjoy. I really like her drawn-on beauty mark. Darienne looks pretty but basic. More Lane Bryant Realness. Trinity looks fabulous, although a bit of padding around her boobs would have hid the boyish-ness of her midsection more.

That said, her face is beat for the gods. This is a queen playing to win. She still needs to rock a new silhouette. Courtney comes out with a stunning sleeping bag ensemble, only to reveal a plain pink bikini. I know that Class loves this look, but I think that the reveal really should have been something more dramatic.

I think this is the best she has looked on the runway. I thought Courtney was good or better this challenge. She was very polished and professional in the interview, and you could tell that the subjects were engaged by it all. But I thought her energy level was way too low for a talk-show gig.

Again, a solid performance. Top 3, based on the competition. But Courtney needed a win at this stage to justify her continued place in the competition leading up to the finals.

Darienne Lake was fine in the challenge, although she did come off as nervous in the sections they showed us. But she did seem to have a rapport with Georgia at the very least, while Chaz was giving her basically nothing with which to work. The runway look was Babar Couture and I thought it was a successful interpretation of the theme.

Joslyn Fox was a bomb across the board this episode. Her performance in the challenge literally led to multiple facepalms on my end, with cringe-inducing references to Cher coming out of and delivering babies from vaginas and then making at least two pointed references to abortions.

When your breast grabs are more offputting than abortion jokes, you know you are in trouble. There is absolutely no question that Joslyn should have been in the Bottom 2, and probably going home.

santino rice and trinity bonet dating

I like Joslyn, but at this point, her continued presence in this competition is becoming a problem. The crowd at the bar at which I watched the show was stunned that she survived this episode. Bonet, meanwhile, got totally boned. Granted, Trinity blew the challenge. But the runway look was absolutely sickening, a kind of glamour pheasant note to self: Both the song, and the decision. The only ] explanation comes down to producer-driven storylines.

It is very rare indeed for a queen to escape that lipsynching black hole.

santino rice and trinity bonet dating

Trinity was basically marked for death from the get-go. But against a favorite like Adore? She actually acquitted herself better than expected, and had a few great moves. Given Trinity's previous two lipsynchs, this was a fairly tepid affair for her.

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I also noted that few of the remaining queens chimed in with talking heads on who was winning. So, Trinity sashayed away, and Adore stayed. Trinity was extremely classy in her exit, which is not surprising.

That queen has had such an interesting arc on this show. I dismissed her out of hand at first.