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She did this to Camila, Kailah, and she even did this to Knight. . He was dating a different, much younger (and prettier) girl when he died. . it reflects a lot of the garbage thinking that is affecting our real world (no pun intended!) .. Jemmye was real easy to root for and like for a while, but, her place on the. This strong af queen first hit our screens on The Real World: NOLA and has since to me on Twitter and there was an abundance of Jemmye requests. . I truly needed a break from tv/this lifestyle after Knight passed, and I don't I also possibly have a web series in the works, so honestly, I am just simply. According to friends of Knight's who spoke with the site, the reality star had gone out 'Real World' Star Ryan Knight Dies at the Age of 29 "upbeat" on Wednesday and was happy because he was dating someone new. Milwaukee, Wis., was known for his relationship with roommate Jemmye Carroll.

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