Rachel melvin and blake berris dating

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rachel melvin and blake berris dating

Nick is the son of Joshua Fallon and Jessica Blake, daughter of Marie Horton and the who was an on and off love interest for Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin), and best Berris exited the show in January when Nick was sent to prison for by Dr. Reibert, whom she had been dating to spite Nick, she forgave him. Also available on the NBC app. Blake Berris, Rachel Melvin, and Molly Burnett all take their turn talking to the Days Insider. Appearing: Tags: Day of Days, Days. Congratulations to DAYS OF OUR LIVES alum Blake Berris (ex-Nick), who SpeedDating – Dating & Matching made easy Leading Dating and with the newlyweds as well as former castmate Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea).

She tearfully told Nick that she never wanted to see him again. Hurt, Nick had an affair with Chelsea's mother Billie Reed, who, under the influence of alcohol seduced him.

rachel melvin and blake berris dating

Billie and he both regretted it, and swore never to tell anyone. Reibert, whom she had been dating to spite Nick, she forgave him. Nick began tutoring her in math and this lead to them dating. Unfortunately, Chelsea soon discovered Nick and Billie's one-night stand and their relationship was again in turmoil. Then, when Willow Stark accidentally set Bo and Hope's house on fire, she panicked and attempted to frame Chelsea by planting her hairbrush at the crime scene.

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At Chelsea's cry of innocence, Nick risked his medical career by stealing the hairbrush out of the forensics lab. Chelsea was so grateful, she was able to forgive Nick for his indiscretion with Billie, and they soon rekindled their romance.

Later, Willow emerged as a threat to Nick and Chelsea's happiness. When Nick stole the hairbrush, it left Willow as the only suspect for the fire.

Nick felt sorry for Willow and lent her money. Willow asked for more money, and Nick leased an apartment for her and gave her his credit card to use caring for her and her baby. Willow used Nick's credit card excessively, then she called Nick and blackmailed him into giving her more money, credit cards, and all kinds of stuff. Nick later went to the beach to meet Willow and they got in an argument and a struggle that lead to Willow falling, and hitting her head on a log.

Nick tried to revive her but Willow died.

rachel melvin and blake berris dating

He found the hairbrush in Willow's possession and buried it in the sand on the beach before calling for help. While Nick was investigated by detective Roman Brady, he convinced Chelsea to go to the beach and destroy the hairbrush. Roman eventually learned the truth, and gave both Chelsea and Nick a pass by closing the investigation. Nick was also blackmailed by Kate Roberts into making Sami's amniocentesis say that EJ was the father of Sami's twins. Rolf planted, sustaining head injuries in the process.

While suffering from a concussion, Nick went to Las Vegas and married a woman named Cassandra Arvin, who was using the alias "China Lee". Arvin was eventually persuaded to sign annulment papers. Then she was arrested and went to jail for soliciting, leaving Nick with custody of her two sons, Artemis and Demarquette. Nick deduced that Artemis and Demarquette were not really China Lee's children, which she confirmed upon her release from jail. She had been hired to protect the boys, but refused to retake custody of them.

A man named Umar Maboud came to Nick's home and claimed that he worked for the boys' parents and had been sent to bring them home. Nick did not trust Maboud, and Jeremy Horton who was staying with Nick at the time successfully fought him off. Weeks later, Chelsea was abducted and was permitted to use her cell phone only to contact Nick, who was directed to come to a designated location, alone.

When he did, the kidnapper offered a hostage exchange: Artemis and Demarquette for Chelsea. Unbeknownst to the man, the boys had followed Nick to the warehouse, but were able to escape.

While Nick worked to avert the detonation of what turned out to be a fake bomb, Artemis and Demarquette were rescued by Umar Maboud. Maboud really was in the employ of the boys' parents, who were wealthy foreigners with many enemies.

rachel melvin and blake berris dating

Having secured political asylum, they wanted to be reunited with their sons; Chelsea's abduction had been a ploy by the family's enemies. Nick agreed to let Artemis and Demarquette go. Nick, Melanie, and Max Nick and Chelsea got back together. He helped Chelsea find proof that Ford Decker was the campus rapist by breaking into Ford's room in order to take photographs of his drugs and journal. After the campus rapist situation was resolved, Chelsea and Nick grew apart because of her attraction to Dr.

Daniel Jonas, and the two eventually broke up. Nick then began working on a research project involving alternative fuel sources and began a relationship with Max Brady's half sister, Melanie Layton. Nick ultimately began stalking her and was then revealed to be the killer of Trent Robbins, Max and Melanie's father.

On January 14,Nick was tried for the murder of Trent Robbins. Maggie and Melanie gave testimony as to why Nick should not be put in jail for the rest of his life.

The judge agreed and gave Nick the sentence of 2 to 5 years in a facility and 18 months for good behavior. Nick is thankful to Melanie for her testimony as Melanie tells Nick that she forgives him because deep down he is a good person.

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Blake berris dating

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