Pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

Dating Someone With Kids: 6 Rules You Need To Know

pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

dating someone with kids pro and cons. If you're on the dating scene, chances are you've been on a date with across the profile of someone who has a child or. Experts give advice on how to date a man who has children already. Woman shrugs her shoulders, Dating pros and cons Pro Your grown children will stop bugging you to "get out there and find someone." Con.

You have no option but to like the kids You cannot find your way into his heart without liking his kids. It sounds like a baggage but the good thing is that if the children like you too, you will build another meaningful connection and start living like a real family. There is no great gift than a happy family and so you will have to commit to loving those children as if they were yours. But do not expect them to love you more than their real mother but they will appreciate and respect you if you shower them with love and compassion.

Find out if you like their parenting approach Take a good look at how he raises his children.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Single Dad

Maybe your ideal parenting methods different from his and this could be a source of conflict. Note that there is a possibility that you will have kids with your potential partner and so you need to take a good look at how he plays his role as a parent.

Because you will be offered this privilege, you cannot blow things up by creating bad impressions. You need to be creative and nice if you want to be accepted into the new family. Be honest when dating someone with kids Honesty will take you far. Very few relationships involving parents reach maturity as most partners fail to commit fully along the way.

If your aim is to have fun with a guy who has children but have no future plans, you might end up hurting him as well as his kids. You need to be realistic as to whether you want a long-term relationship or a casual one. Note that if you are dealing with a divorced guy, leaving him vulnerable is as painful as the first separation he had from his ex-wife.

Do not try to replace the mother of his kids It is very tempting to build an instant family once you start dating someone with children. You must not overstep your boundaries as this would be psychologically unhealthy for the children. The older children will be watching you closely and they would probably want their mum respected.

pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

A good point is to be a supportive adult and guide them without taking the place of their mother. Just be natural and supportive and they will like you. There is one thing you need to realize: Thus, you have to come up with an affirmation that you are not taking him away from them.

Consider having a one-on-one talk especially with the older ones and show them how you feel about the family as well as your future expectations. Let them know they are as important to you as their dad and portray a genuine enthusiasm for the children. A post shared by Chelsy Ferguson chellybunzxo on Jul 11, at 8: You will need to demonstrate a lot of commitment Dating someone with kids is the right step if you are looking forward to having kids in the near future. Accepting him and his package means that you like kids.

But if you want to stay childless, just stay away from single men with kids.

pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

This is quite a task that requires commitment. Remember that if you break up with him, you will be breaking up with the children as well and it is going to affect them even though you are not their mother.

pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

Things will not be as quick as you expect because he has to consider his children first. Some men have to ask opinion from their older kids concerning new women in their lives. Introducing a new person in the equation is a huge step that takes time.

So, it is totally understandable that he will take things slow so as to handle the new challenge more effectively. In addition, children need time before they get accustomed to a new member in their family. Your expectations should be realistic You might assume that the kids will like you since their dad likes you.

pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

This is a wrong assumption and to avoid surprises, you should have realistic expectations. Be open-minded and understand that the children will at some point get jealous of the relationship you have with their father.

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Some older kids might even attempt to sabotage the relationship when they find out that their dad is focusing more on you. The idea is to find a balance in what you expect and be aware of these things before you dive in. A post shared by Jacinta McTaggart jacintamctaggart on Aug 30, at 4: Your love will be shared by more than one person Agreeing to date a guy with kids is like signing to falling in love with multiple friends.

Men and women with children are dating because they want to move on with their lives. They are looking for love. They are not dating you because they want to feel free, or get revenge. If you have the same serious feelings about them, then let go the bad thoughts and think of happiness with the person you enjoy spending most of your time with. Read these positive quotes to help you get into the right mood. Look at your partner and see if love is the only thing you can think of when they are staring back at you.

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Rule 4 when Dating Someone With Kids: You just need to be yourself and let all your fears go. Kids are more approachable at this tender age and you can be their new friend. No matter how sweet it might sound, you need to stop it right away. If you are dating someone with kids older than 10 years old, then you have to remember that they are going through their teen phase when things are uncertain.

They even question their own feelings. You have to work hard to earn their trust. Rule 5 when Dating Someone With Kids: Avoid saying nasty things about their mother of father. You will not make them hate their parents. On the contrary, you might end up being hated for trying to get between them. If you are dating someone with kids, you have to accept that everyone has their own role in this love game. You are dating someone with kids, not their kids nor their ex.

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Their ex husband or ex wife are history. You are an independent person with your own qualities that has a great personality. Just put yourself in her shoes and try to understand where she is coming from. She thought this man would be her soulmate and things did not work out that way. Now you, the new girl, is in his life sharing the joy that she once did, and meeting the family she helped create.

Take the high road and be respectful; she is the mother of his child. Children instinctively want their biological parents together and find anyone other than their immediate family a threat to their world — this includes you.

The responsibility of having to raise kids really opens him up to other wonderful traits such as loyalty, compassion and selflessness.

pros and cons of dating someone with a kid

When a boy becomes a man, he puts away childish things. Kids provide men with a sense of responsibility, and therefore tend to make them grow up almost instantly.

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He has developed staying power, which can be a beautiful thing for a budding relationship.