Naruto dating sim cheats sasuke and sakura

Naruto Dating Sim Hacked

naruto dating sim cheats sasuke and sakura

As Sakura, date Naruto, Rock Lee, or Sasuke. Note: contains hentai scenes. Naruto Dating Sim - In this online Naruto game you gather your intelligence, charm, chakra, and strength and spar against Naruto, Sasuke and Lee. Training. Home / Hacked RPG Games / Playing Naruto Dating Sim Hacked. Naruto . Sakura. vs. Sasuke. Lee. Naruto. So where do you want to go?.

She had to be more than slightly attractive and a nice body was mandatory. He was practically every girl's fantasy; with his mysterious eyes, charming smirk and laidback attitude. He even had his own fan club, all had long hair —every girl did, since it was rumored that he loved girls with long hair. With all of this said, you can imagine the reactions when Sakura had collided none too gently with the Uchiha.

First of all were Karin's muffled snickers, followed by the angry shrieks of his stalk —I mean, fangirls, then came his friends' snide remarks. Surprisingly, Sasuke himself remained silent, only keeping eye contact with Sakura before rolling his eyes at her blush and stepping around her. As he passed her, he muttered what she thought was 'annoying', yet it was him who later helped her pick up her books as they tumbled out of her locker as he was walking by.

Ever since then, they'd been dating, so that made it about… two months, and things had changed. Sakura was envied, more popular and finally recognized for her beauty. It seemed like the only thing that hadn't changed was Karin. The girl was still trying to ruin Sakura's life. She tried to embarrass her, and even tried separating her and Sasuke. Sakura rolled her eyes as she stooped down to retrieve her stuff and was still on the ground when the warning bell rang; she had two minutes to get to class.

He decided he was going to take her back to his place and did what they usually did.

naruto dating sim cheats sasuke and sakura

He got to use her for Valentines day and now she could use him for her 'break up. Sakura quickly complied to the whole thing, no hesitation present in either of the two as they began to shed clothes on the way to Sasuke's room. Then, that's what it began as, a friend helping out another friend.

Naruto dating sims

When one another was down or had an issue, they'd be there and meet up either at Sasuke's and on rare occasions Sakura's, and begin what they started. Somewhere in between, it wasn't just about comforting each other, it turned into lusting for each other. Now a days, they had sex any chance they had. Sasuke continued to date Ino, while Sakura chose to date in between. It bubbled jealousy in both of them, but they got over it and continued their actions.

Soon it spreaded so that they did whatever they could in school. Sakura had to admit to herself, it was wrong. She felt bad, like she was a bad friend and sometimes a bad girlfriend to the rare boys she went out with, but she couldn't help it.

Every time, her and Sasuke were together and he touched her, her body would break out in tingles, and heat would spread through those tingles. They soon became so much, that she had to succumb to the Uchiha and let him take over her body. Because no one else could do it like him. While with Sasuke, there was small moments when he felt bad.

When he felt he was doing something wrong. The only time he actually felt that was when he would look into Ino's face during the small moments they were together, while they kissed, or when they had sex. That's what he also realized, he was feeling bad for Ino, yes, but also for Sakura. He felt as if he were cheating on Sakura. He knew it a while back, but never said it out loud to himself. So he ignored it, he continued to use her body as she gave it to him.

With her, sex was different. More rough, more exciting, and way better than with Ino. So when he was rock hard and wanted somebody, all he had to do was text her and she'd be there or he'd be on his way over there. The days they couldn't do it or when they just had the urge to, they texted each other in school to make up plans for them to meet. It was mostly Sasuke doing all the texting.

He was the type to get bored easily and having a quickie in school was just the thing he needed. While at home, he felt the same. So basically with this, they had it down packed. From how to where to when to why and the solutions to their problems when asked. It was genius for the couple, for doing this for so long, and never having a close call or anything drastic and they promised themselves it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

After Ino's lips detached from Sasuke's and she gave Sakura a smile.

naruto dating sim cheats sasuke and sakura

Did you find your book Sasuke? I forgot I lent it to her.

naruto dating sim cheats sasuke and sakura

If Ino was such a smart girlfriend, she would have noticed Sasuke doesn't forget anything. Well anyway, did you guys hear? We're having some project. It's a couples project reflecting on marriage, sex, and dating and how we shouldn't rush into things and blah blah blah.

Naruto dating sims

Sakura looked at the platinum blonde with a questioning face. I don't want to let some whore be all over Sasuke. Especially the girls in this school. Sasuke and Sakura rolled their eyes. I wouldn't want some guy touching all over Hinata. You have nothing to worry about idiot. I can't wait to see what couples we get. Free period is over. The four teens glanced at the clock and stood up just as the bell rang. Time to meet their spouses. This assignment is going to be a school week, or five days.

During those five days, you are going to live in your spouses house. Your choice of whose house to live in. You may also room with other couples if you have enough space, once again your choice. The point of this is to show you how commitment works. If you rush into things early at a young age, you'll regret it. Being committed means a lot. Even if it's a week. When you are married, the person you choose is the person who is going to see you're good sides, bad sides, what you look like in the morning, your flaws, everything, there's nothing you can hide from your spouse.

And another important thing, is talking. You have to talk during this project. I'm going to give you sheets you have to fill out, regarding what you are to do those five days with your partner and questions that are to be answered. Some people can't even handle this assignment after the first day. We even lowered the days from seven to five for the students who couldn't complete this.

Due to the fact they couldn't stand their spouse or they felt it was to much work. I will admit, some of you who are already going out will have your girlfriend or boyfriend. Those of you who don't, is because we wanted to give others choice towards who their spouse is. And when you hear who your spouse is, you better not complain and come whining to me.

Naruto Dating Sim Hacked

She started, calling out names that didn't matter. Sakura only tuned in when she heard peoples names she knew. Sakura was just dying to hear her name called.

The next thing she heard shocked her enough, Ino Yamanaka and Sai Omoi. And the one that followed was even more shocking, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke and Sakura's eyes connected at the mention of both of their names. Sakura didn't know what to do, be happy as hell or scream to death. Sasuke definitely didn't know what to do, be excited he could screw Sakura no problem or paranoid about what the others would think. Sasuke and Sakura broke eye contact and looked over at Anko as she finished the list.

Sakura heard the words, but as quickly as they ended, Ino began to speak along with the rest of the classroom. I don't know what I would have done if he ended up with Karin or Ami.

Sakura shrugged but nodded. Not bad, but not good.


He stuck her tongue out her before brining his attention towards Sasuke. We aren't living there forever. The thought of staying with Sakura pleased her. Along with the fact, if they stayed at her place, her father wouldn't leave them alone, and at Naruto's his parents are pretty much like him, hyperactive and straight forward. She felt more comfortable staying with a friend. His blue eyes settled on his girlfriend.

Except the fact she was going to be with him. Sasuke then looked over to Sakura, he noticed she was looking at a spot on the table. From what he could tell, she was thinking, and pretty hard. He focused on her, he even ignored the sheet of paper that laid in front of him. He still had to figure out how this was going to work between them.

He just didn't want it to get bad, especially with Ino possibly living with him. This is just great. Sakura looked at the clock in front of her. She couldn't exactly move with Sasuke's arm wrapped around her waist, but she was enjoying the warmth, enjoying what they weren't going to have very often if her friends decided to live here. That's absolutely why, when school was over, the two wasted no time having sex. Sakura had a feeling this was what she was going to be doing all weekend, but she didn't mind.

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naruto dating sim cheats sasuke and sakura

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