Megan lai and baron chen dating

Baron Chen could 'pose naked' in front of Megan Lai

megan lai and baron chen dating

Megan, jokingly announces: Baron Chen's ex-girlfriends, all stand up! with other young and good-looking people, I would be dating everyone. Commentator: (We must also praise) Megan Lai's ability to take his tricks at. Baron Chen plays the Choi Jin Hyuk role and Bianca Bai takes on the Wang Ji Won role. .. Just yesterday, Baron Chen, Megan Lai, and other actors went on TVBS's .. should be interesting and can even be help viewers get dating advice. From Ella to Megan Lai and then to Ivy Chen, Baron seems to have hit it . I read once about Ella saying something about once dating an actor.

Instead of explaining or separating herself from Zi Hao, she lowers her head and silently walks past him! Only when her mother scolds her and shows her the necklace he made, spilling blood for her, does she gather the courage to go to him. Sun Fan ignores all her pleas, keeping the door closed between them. The next morning, Tong encounters Sun Fan with Xing Ye, and retaliates by throwing his necklace in the ocean. She then goes off to meet Zi Hao on his yacht.

She sits there, mute, until Sun Fan shows up on a small boat and shows her the necklace he miraculously found in the ocean. He then falls into the same ocean, forcing Zi Hao to save him. Tong Tong is beside herself with worry. Tong Tong goes off with Zi Hao, becoming his production assistant when he calls. She sells the rights of her story to Zi Hao and even writes the screenplay. On a side note, we get a bit of closure with Xing Ye and Zi Hao.

It seems Zi Hao was chasing her for just the heck of it. He had no feelings for her, but now that he has fallen so low, he realizes what a jerk he was.

He offers to help her with a music career, a good teacher and a place to live out of guilt. She takes his offer and goes off to Taipei.

Nevertheless, he is heartbroken when he learns that Tong Tong went off with Zi Hao without even telling him.

megan lai and baron chen dating

Things seem to steadily worsen. She even allows Zi Hao to hold her hand in public.

megan lai and baron chen dating

He then decides to go back to Taipei and pursue his dream of becoming a star. This is the point at which Sun Fan seems to give up, knowing that Tong Tong will always idealize her idol above all else. Tong Tong is left heartbroken, but I really questioned her right to be so.

megan lai and baron chen dating

Before Sun Fan can get too happy about winning the role, he finds out that his father lent Zi Hao money and that he may not have gotten this role on his own merits.

Tong Tong protests that she does care. She goes looking for Sun Fan. The other man, finding out the truth, apologizes to her for being rude. They bicker again and go back to their respective corners. Sun Fan goes to apologize to Zi Hao, wanting to get the role back.

Zi Hao says fine but on 3 conditions: Fang his wife and never go near her. He tells Sun Fan that he cannot compare to Zi Hao, because Sun Fan is a failure who runs away at the first obstacle whereas Zi Hao faces it and wins without any support. Sun Fan balks at first, but later on, seeing that Tong Tong is still flitting around Zi Hao, he agrees.

Tong Tong seems to have given up on Sun Fan. Xing Ye begins her musical career. Zi Hao decides to finish his movie and go to New York to study acting. He also decides to take Tong Tong with him. This is where Tong Tong finally tells him that she does not love him as a man, she only loved him as an idea. She tells him that Sun Fan has infected her like a flu bug, and she cannot be cured.

He understands, but tells her to stay away from Sun Fan. Tong Tong reluctantly agrees. He spends his days reliving the love that Tong Tong had for Zi Hao as he films their story. Despite his doubts, he goes to Tong Tong and asks her to stay. He tells her that he wants her. She refuses and says that she wants to see the world. He asks her to come back into his life instead.

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He gives her the seashell necklace, grabbing onto her hand. Tong Tong takes the necklace and runs away. Tong Tong sits at her computer, filled with regret. She wonders what would have happened if she had stayed that day. She believes that Sun Fan has now gotten back with Xing Ye. Sun Fan is a popular movie star, with one hit under his belt the movie Rainbow Whispers.

Xing Ye is a big star. And when she is not regretting the past, Tong Tong is a famous tailor designer? Sun Fan opens himself up again and tells her that he loves her. She replies that she loves him back. That night, the two bicker while gazing at the rainbow bridge and share a kiss. Tong Tong finishes her story with a monologue about how she is lucky enough to have two rainbows in her life. The one she will always love from the afar, and the one in her heart. She muses that people always have different dreams, but only by perseverance and believing in that dream will they actually obtain their rainbow.

The End This drama was a 3 out of 10, and that only because of the moments of seriousness I got from Baron Chen and Megan Lai near the end. Otherwise, it was full of overacting, bad plot points, and horrible or lackluster characters.

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I watched it because I loved Baron Chen and Megan Lai in Bromance, and hoped to see some of their amazing chemistry in this drama. I ended up realizing that a couple is really nothing without the right story and the right director. The writer united Sun Fan and Tong Tong too early. The two confessed their love to each other in about episode 9 and kissed in They spent the next 10 episodes misunderstanding each other and running away from each other!

It was as if the plot was on this cycle — have a intimate moment, misunderstand each other, fight, run away, and repeat. Additionally, I never understood the motivations of some of the characters. Why did Zi Hao pursue Xing Ye? We are never told that.

Also, did he really love Tong Tong, or was it all a ruse to get his actor acting and his writer writing? If he really loved Tong Tong, why did he love her? He opened himself up, only to find that she had already moved on. The way her actions were written were very frustrating and made me feel horrible for Sun Fan.

We got the answers for most of our other questions, but the telling was so pedantic and plodding that the journey to those questions was very painstaking. We get that in the last episode. The writing was lackluster, and made most everything unpleasant to watch. One thing I cannot bear is irresponsible people. She felt no guilt in taking the salary, but did none of the work.

What kind of work ethic was that? And to go off and do club activities during the work day? I had no respect for her, and had to wonder how she got her boss to give Zi Hao a chance.

Where does she get the power? And Sun Fan dreamt about becoming a big star, yet, when the opportunity landed in his lap, he did nothing to hold onto that chance. He was too arrogant. He refused to wok hard and learn the craft, and refused to listen to the experienced people around him.

I found both Sun Fan and Tong Tong unlikable for most of the drama. Sun Fan was so arrogant and fly by the seat of his pants, that I felt sorry for Xing Ye in the beginning. It took him a long, long time to learn how to be responsible. Tong Tong was an adult, yet focused only on her love for Zi Hao. She ditched her responsibilities in favor of that love. When she did fall in love with Sun Fan, she was so stupid about it.

She never noticed when she hurt Sun Fan or even that she could be hurting him with her actions. For her, it was always Zi Hao; that got tiring after a while.

megan lai and baron chen dating

The two did grow in the end, but we got maybe an episode of them being serious and sacrificing before the drama ended. He did the same things to Tong Tong that he did to Xing Ye, showing her that her dream could come true if she was with him and urging her to break up with Sun Fan. He finally let Tong Tong go, but that was after he deliberately separated the two for a year!

I felt sorry for Xing Ye, but not too much. Yes, her mother was horrible, but she was the one who gave into her own inner darkness and dumped Sun Fan for her dreams. She then lost everything and allowed her mother to pressure her into doing increasingly low jobs for money. She was the classic damsel in distress who needed perpetual saving. Sucking pupils Megan is leaning against the desk with her eyes closed.

This actually has an origin, ok? A green and gold border pops up [Yellow and white caption on the side: The origins of sucking pupils] Baron: Wait, not Xu Zhimo And Hu Shih was a Chinese philosopher, essayist and diplomat.

I'm not sure what this has to do with sucking eyes, but I assume he had the eye disease and his mother sucked it out or something like that?

Former flames, Ella and Baron Chen fight on screen

Correct me if you know the actual story This is a kind of love Baron: Pterygium disease a kind of eye disease Baron moves towards Megan, going to open her eyes. Megan sits there amused. He is making her eye wider with his fingers, while Megan is sitting there calmly and letting him do it. I'd be freaking out if I was her!!! Are you wearing contact lens? Baron is getting might close to her eye No I'm not wearing any Baron: What are you guys doing?

It's a type of expression of love Megan, laughing and sounding a little nervous now: Have you been an eye doctor in the past? Baron is opening one eye with one hand and has put the other hand around her neck to hold her.

He sticks his tongue close to her eye, but withdraws in the end Reporter: Baron waves it off: I don't have any love towards fish eyes and these types of things Megan: I knew it Megan: So I didn't stop him Megan: To see what degree he would play up to Megan smiles a cute, open-mouth smile at the camera Reporter: So this is today's strategy Megan nods and laughs.

Baron to Megan, an animated fire coming out of his eyes to hers: Are you challenging me? I will really do it! In one second has weakened! Although we must really praise Chu Chu Baron for the effort he puts, rubbing stone until there's sparks, in his role on scene his dedication to really bringing out chemistry as his character Commentator: We must also praise Megan Lai's ability to take his tricks at any time.

But seeing Chu Chu Baronworking to no avail by himself on the filming of the drama scene, and being made fun of, is really very amusing. If Bromance fans don't believe it, why don't you come see for yourselves whether or not it's really very therapeutic? Accompany me to the office Megan laughs and say something I can't catch while Baron starts running around his desk.

Megan is laughing at Baron's jogging Baron to Megan: Accompany me to patrol the office He runs around Megan is going round the desk again, making Megan laugh [Black and yellow captions: Why are you busy going in circles by yourself, la? Don't call him back Reporter: He should go in circles a few more times Another reporter is laughing Another reporter: An allergy The camera changes to show Megan and Baron talking, standing face to face Megan: It'll happen when I'm too close to girls Megan makes a face Megan, laughing: Would there be anyone who'd suck on the back of your neck?

Megan makes a how-should-I-know-you're-the-expert look Hahaha, I love these faces that Megan pulls. They're always so cute Baron: It's from wearing a necklace, ok? Megan and Baron filming the nose-biting desk scene again Megan is leaning against the desk and Baron is standing facing her, looking down with a grin.

If you don't open your legs, I will Megan laughs as he comes over and lightly kicks her legs, so that they're apart and there's room for him to stand in the middle.

It a very teasing move and Megan willing does let her legs be kicked lightly apart. This is just looking so bad. In a good way Megan is laughing, while Baron is grinning down at her Ahhhh, just look at the way he's looking down at her Reporter: Legs are open Baron: He Really has experience! This is how he rolls Megan makes a face of I'm-afraid-it's-true agreement at the camera Megan, jokingly: Baron stands there arms folded looking amused at the camera and Megan is brushing her fringe laughing.

They animate a sparkle in his eye [Green caption with horrified Sanlih bear mascot: This little reporter is scared! Frivolous standing pose Reporters: Now you've already gotten a hold of the girl? If you're being too serious after you've gotten the girl Is it really like that? So it's like this? Director, from off-screen [Pink and orange caption]: I've learned a lesson from the master The reporter laugh and Megan turns around grinning Director: We didn't know this before Reporter, laughing: The Director has picked up a lesson Hahaha, someone has real experience We can only say that the more you watch the Du-Pi couple banter, the more amusing it is.

But what's even more amusing is definitely being able to witness, with our own eyes, two high-level actors being at the scene and falling apart at the scene. Baron, looking shocked, laughing, lightening bolts animated on him I Really have to bite her nose, Director?! Megan is laughing and flattening her hair Director: You won't bite it because she'll push you away beforehand The reporter laughs And Baron starts doing funny lunges.

megan lai and baron chen dating

Should I really bit her nose? What are you doing? What are you working out for? If you're nose-biting, do you have to work on this? Baron gets up and replies: I've never done it before. It's my first time. I might believe him on this one Reporter [Red caption]: You act like it is Megan [Pink caption]: You act like it is Megan makes a cheeky wide-mouthed laughing face towards the camera -Cuts to Megan talking to Baron- Megan: So you Really want to bite the nose, that's right Baron is putting a hand to his mouth and contemplating Director [Orange, red, blue and green captions]: You have to remember that this action was set up by you two You just wanted to touch each other and nose-bite.

Don't back out now Baron's grin is hilariously cheeky. Baron Chen set it up! Baron makes a face at the camera Like, "This was meant to be a secret, damn it! She's leaning back a little casually on the table, looking up at him as he talks to her.

Isn't your voice meant to break? I don't know how to do it Megan, laughing: I really don't know how to do it Megan: This way, I feel is a little bit You only have to take care of 'Much,' those two words In Chinese, the word more is made from two characters Baron: Make the crack there, that would be good Baron: You just take care of those two words Megan: Then when I say 'much,' you go down Megan says her line as Yanuo, laughing: This seems a bit Baron is looking down at her still a bit unsure what to do Megan, with a grin: Baron has obviously been thinking about how to prompt Megan to yelp or to make her voice crack for the scene.

He still has her in a very compromising pose with one hand on her back and one hand holding her leg Kind of like a bit of a thrust Hahahahaha dirty This makes Megan, who doesn't expect this, to laugh, which in turn makes Baron laugh, especially since he now gets what she's been after Megan is laughing so hard she's doubling up Baron, laughing and tapping Megan on her side: He goes back to holding her back and leg.

So it's this kind of giving Gei Yu method that you're after. Megan is making a shocked face, as if to say, I'm not asking for it! When you say 'much' This seems like a bit Megan can't help but laugh now, thinking about the whole thing. Baron puts his hand on her head and gently and carefully lowers her body down onto the desk below his so that he can lean over her and bite her nose.

Baron pulls Megan up, while Megan, as Yanuo, acts nervous rattling for the telephone Director: Baron is laughing and blocking his ears Megan, as Yanuo: Hello, this is the General Manager's office? Megan lowers the phone and laughs: My key must have been very high just now Baron is standing in the corner visibly blocking his ears. Megan, in a more jovial voice, talking into the phone: She pretends to pass the phone to Baron.

Your key just then was really quite high -Cuts to a closer shot of Megan laughing in response to the reporter's comment- Megan: It couldn't be helped. That is, you have to yell shrilly before you can get up Megan does a rocking upwards motion to show what she means Megan: Getting up, that portion Megan starts walking away for a break Megan: I must rely on and borrow from this strength. As they shoot the drama together and sense that the actors, the director and the crew members Strike up many moments That touch and romantically-move people because of the mutual trust between them.

Furthermore, because of their instance on focusing on small details Commentator: It allows audience members to have more reasons to fall more in love with Bromance. Just like with the nose-kissing sequence. I always like the way that he looks at her and holds her, whether it's just for a scene And just like the sequence where sweet guy, Du Zifeng, wants to help give Yanuo a message.

Rehearsing the drama for half a day All because he is mucking up this lightly-kissing the hand movement Just how exactly to perform it so that it touches the insides of your heart? Megan and Baron are rehearsing and filming the message scene as their characters Megan is sitting in a chair, with Baron standing behind her, stretching his hands out, on top and over her shoulders.

Megan laughs as he places them lightly on them. He starts to give her a massage, digging into her shoulders. Her shoulder is still Ok Baron: Still not really tight Megan makes a face: You have tell me if there's anywhere that feels uncomfortable Baron: So I can do the real moves Megan: Baron, teasing with a laugh: I'm already saying my lines, Miss Megan laughs sheepishly Megan mutters: You really are very good at it Megan jokes: I just want to let you press down a little more Megan is now running her lines as Yanuo: You are really good at massaging Baron, as Zifeng: When I was little I often gave my parents a massage Baron, as Zifeng, is still giving Megan, as Yanuo a massage and she looks happy as she figures out her lines.

Megan, as Yanuo, after a pause: No wonder you're so good at massaging Megan, as Yanuo: It's really very comfortable Baron is looking down at his script Megan, making a massage motion with her hands: There seems to be one a move like this Megan to the Director: And then I won't grab his hand Megan, pretending to kiss Baron's hand: