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and Avroham Stern, a year-old yeshiva student from Staten Island who is working why the Greenhouse Lounge is a favorite dating spot for Orthodox Jewish singles: "It's a quiet, relaxing setting. The point of a date is to talk, to get to know each other. "Nice settings provoke nice conversation," he adds with a wry smile. If you're Jewish and single, you're probably already well-acquainted with JSwipe. Denomination: Orthodox One thing that makes him swipe right: A great smile and a funny bio! Favorite first date spot: This spot in Williamsburg along the river that you can . Favorite first date spot: Anywhere we can sit next to each other. An Intimate Portrait of Orthodox Jewry William B. Helmreich is frowned upon since it carries the implication that the couple is simply going out "for fun" rather than tachlis (for a specific purpose). A number of places have become popular among yeshiva students that would hardly constitute a date in other communities.

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