Kim hyun joong and jung yoo mi dating

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kim hyun joong and jung yoo mi dating

That creature Choi Hye Mi certainly figured him out quick & got lots of money How is Kim Yoo Jung in real life? Views · What are the korean dramas done by Kim Hyun joong? According to the date that was updated there I think they will/had a Are Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, or the SpartAce couple, real?. Yoo, Song Joong-ki, Song Seung-heon, Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Woo-sung In the role of Jung Dae-hyun, Kim's well-meaning but conflicted husband, is Gong Yoo. Jung Yu-mi made her debut with the short film How to Operate a In January, they were reported to be dating, but have denied it. It's hard keeping up with all the updates from the Hallyu realm, so we're here to bring you up to speed.

On Monday June 25damning reports emerged that G-Dragon, who is about four months into his mandatory military service, was admitted to a luxurious VIP hospital room reserved for colonels to treat a mere sprained ankle for 20 days. Needless to say, this drew the wrath of netizens, and his company YG Entertainment quickly spoke out against these claims. They clarified that such a special room does not exist, and that G-Dragon was placed in a one-person hospital unit for normal soldiers in order to avoid chaos and protect his privacy sensitive details such as the placement of his tattoos were reportedly leaked — yikes.

YG also revealed that G-Dragon, who suffers from shoulder dislocations and ankle pain, had no choice but to undergo surgery as these injuries worsened after his enlistment, which likely explains the length of his medical leave.

Get well soon, GD! That year-long hiatus certainly turned out to be worth the wait. Chanyeol is getting a new brother-in-law! We wonder if Chanyeol and his bandmates will be planning any performances — or other fun shenanigans — on the big day. They also alleged that when the respective agencies of the top nine MIXNINE contestants did not agree to let YG extend their exclusive management period from four months to three years, YG used it as an excuse to cancel the debut.

Not long after, YG Entertainment released their side of the story, claiming that they thought all the different agencies had come to an amicable conclusion after a meeting, and that they were not expecting a lawsuit for 10 million won in damages. They also stated that they will be responding with their own legal team, which means this whole drama may be far from over… Photo: As part of their involvement, ads featuring EXO will be played on TV channels all over the world as well as various online platforms from August onwards.

Be right back — booking our air tickets. Jealousy I think could be a natural part in any relationship, though this does not apply to all relationships, and only for some. But of course excessive jealousy is different. They said petty jealousy can sometime be the icing in a relationship. Sometimes there are some wives or girlfriends who would seek attention from their partner and make their men jealous, to prove his affection!! Childish it may be but sometimes it happens specially to the young ones.

We stay up late at night spending time at the twitter chatting with other fans about Hyun Joong, viewing his view clips or reading anything about him. I was just wondering, while doing so, do your partners ever suspect anything? Then one fan said her HJ memory items are still neatly wrap still new as in newly purchased.

'City Conquest' Kim Hyun Joong-Jung Yoo Mi, Romantic Back Hug Picture Revealed : News : KpopStarz

But actually she was at the twitter searching for updates about Hyun Joong and chatting with the other fans!! Without her husband knowing she is a Hyun Joong addict, that the topic over twitter was all about Hyun Joong. And I asked, does he ever get jealous?

She said her boyfriend gets nightmare out of the picture of Hyun Joong!!

'City Conquest' Kim Hyun Joong-Jung Yoo Mi, Romantic Back Hug Picture Revealed

But he still supports her craziness about Hyun Joong! And another fan said her boyfriend was getting jealous because he came to see her but she was busy watching Playful Kiss!!

She allowed him to stay for a night so that she would be able to watch Playful Kiss further without her boyfriend bugging her around!! Another fan said every time his husband is at the work night shift, she has more time in the evening to hit the internet.

Although he knows about her being a fan of Hyun Joong. Therefore their partners knew all about Hyun Joong and their daily routine at the internet!

The couple had a chance to spend some bonding moments too. Many of you have partners whom you love so dearly, and loves you just as much to understand your admiration to Kim Hyun Joong. Some of us may hide our little fan girly giggle from our partners, as some matured fans relates their story feeling a bit shy that they still do have that girly feeling at our age.

Gong Yoo to star with Jung Yu-mi in controversial feminist film ‘Kim Ji Young, Born 1982’

Visualizing them, I see a wonderful bonding moments with their family members having Hyun Joong around them. Hyun Joong is real, we fans are real and I believe the love of admiration we feel for Hyun Joong is real.

kim hyun joong and jung yoo mi dating

Our partners do understand the human natural admiration we have for Hyun Joong being a star in showbiz. Hyun Joong became our breather, that somehow for just a little time we divert our thoughts from whatever we are struggling about. But the first thing I did was to look for other fans of Hyun Joong.

kim hyun joong and jung yoo mi dating

I was so eager to share what I feel, I want to understand why am I so engross with searching for anything about Hyun Joong. It was only then I understood that what I actually feel is addiction. At the comment box of that article, I asked the writer where can I find the other fans of Hyun Joong?

And so I open up an account search for people whom I can follow. I was so happy there were number of fans exchanging thoughts. I think that was my happiest moment in searching for Kim Hyun Joong!! And so I consider the fans to be my partner, they are the ones whom I can share with that I have an easy access.