Julian2 and lilac petal dating games

julian2 and lilac petal dating sim

julian2 and lilac petal dating games

julian2 and lilac petal dating sim. In won t be certain if their grandmother were still eligible to receive updates for new businesses on its top or monotonous. Apr 19, There was just so much drama between Julian and LilacPetal and GummyUnicorn and For those of you who didn't already know, Julian2 and LilacPetal used to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Leaping Tiger AJ Games on YT. LilacPetal is an animal jammer who creates mostly animal jam videos about Maryssa's Relationships Julian2 - She has been dating him from to Games Alliance', hiting she has other/better game interests than Animal Jam.

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julian2 and lilac petal dating games

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He first talks about the collab and says that he is going to meet someone today who s also going to be in the vlog? And work on becoming your best self. This, fallen victim to this, you're a perfect candidate for both homelessness and cultism? Would you want to lend money to someone who pays bills on time? Julian kind of disappeared for a while, but he returned with a fresh start.

He created a new channel and gained more subscribers than ever before. He met WisteriaMoon in real life several times, and eventually a strong bond grew between them, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend.


However, Wisteria doesn't talk much about Julian anymore. She often refers to him as a "friend". They still meet in real life, but we aren't sure whether or not jisteria is still alive. Life for Julian was going well l for a few months. It seemed like everything was perfect, until one day Julian posted a video concerning the Animal Jam community, and how there is so much drama and way too much obsession over fame and rares.

Some of his fans were supportive; others were livid. They raged at Julian with horrific fury. It reached a point where Julian deleted the video, but the worst is yet to come.

julian2 and lilac petal dating games

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julian2 and lilac petal dating website

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julian2 and lilac petal dating games

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