Jiyeon and jinwoon dating

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jiyeon and jinwoon dating

Jinwoon is part of the Korean-pop group 2AM. Jiyeon is a member of Korean girl group T-ara. He is label-mates with Jinwoon (a.k.a Yoo Jin) As the story progresses, she ends up dating him however, she eventually breaks up with him . With all the emotions of being a princess, becoming a queen, and dating the king, Elsa comes to the conclusion that she just isn't meant for the royal life, so she. Yesung jiyeon dating allkpop Did Jiyeon cheat on Yesung 5 times? Perfect breakers to secure your date and jiyeon and jinwoon dating time.

He is label-mates with Jinwoon a. As the story progresses, she ends up dating him however, she eventually breaks up with him and they remain good friends. At the beginning of the story, she has low confidence and she does not know what to do however, at the end, she finds her true path, a script writer.

She becomes a script writer and a director in the future.

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As well, she and Rian become best friends in the end despite fighting over JB. Kirin Arts High School Played by: Jr He is first introduced as a backup dancer for Eden. Jr is Yoo Jin's best friend and also one of the best dancers at Kirin High. Initially, he dislikes JB for his egoistic attitude however, they eventually become friends.

Later on in the story, he falls for the Seul and the last episode shows them as a couple. In the future, he becomes a dance instructor at Kirin High and he is dating Seul.

Their debut single is called "Bounce". Hyorin She is involved in a love triangle between Siwoo and Hong Joo. As the story progresses, she gets diagnosed with vocal nodules and she has to stop singing for a period of time.

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In the future, she is still shown with Siwoo and Hong Joo, who are trying to win over he. She is the main vocal of that group. Ailee She is the third member of HershE. Although she does not get paired with anyone, she acts as support for both Nana and Rian. In the future, she is a singer and her producer is JB.

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Ailee is a solo singer who debuted in with her song "Heaven". Park Seo Joon He is known as the rebellious playboy of the group. In the drama, he has a crush on Nana. He was nearly expelled by the president however, he was able to continue on at Kirin High.

Kirin Arts High School Family: Jung Yeon Joo A rebellious girl who has a bad relationship with her father, the president. After transferring into Kirin High, she meets Yoo Jin and his friends and she joins their group. In the middle of the series, she starts falling for Jr. Yang Jin Man Role: English Teacher Played by: He is an English teacher and his dream is to become an idol.

Principal, teacher Played by: As President Lee takes over the school, he temporarily quits however, he comes back as a teacher of Kirin High.

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jiyeon and jinwoon dating

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jiyeon and jinwoon dating

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