Indian and chinese dating

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indian and chinese dating

I wanted to sink into the floor when my teacher in Secondary School declared that she, a Chinese woman, would never date an Indian man. 9 hours ago BEIJING: Chinese gay dating app Blued is halting new user registration for a week, it said on Sunday, following media reports that underage. When Zheng first announced to her parents that she was dating a guy from India and they were going to get married, her mother cried for an.

As I discovered, it is also a bubble which soon enough, bursts on its own. I was way too tired and a little bit tipsy, to answer that one seriously. From the mild glee that crossed his face, I knew exactly what he was thinking. In dude-speak, I was a bad Indian girl. But in Beijing, it is odd and frustrating to have to tell people: I had assumed that globalisation meant I would not need to keep explaining my actions.

When a Chinese woman marries an Indian man

But several expats here are from rural states deep in the American heartland, and I am often the first Indian they have met. While Jason is not representative of all Americans, there are a lot of men like him going about. They know little about my life in urban India, and to be fair, I know little about where and how they grew up. I listen to a Southern drawl and there is a part of my brain which jumps to quick judgement, just as they might be do when they hear my accent.

Being an English teacher is considered something that requires little skill and is a guaranteed job, as long as you are white. Hooking up in Beijing Dating platforms offer a glimpse into this world.

There is a homegrown version of Tinder called Tantan, like China has for virtually every global social media platform it has banned. It looks the same, with drastically different results. The conversation was constant, if a little stilted.

They would discuss the usual: It all came to a crashing halt when Kevin asked Sara if she would like to meet him sometime. Almost immediately, Sara stopped replying. This particular instance was exactly like the last three — Kevin never heard from any of them again. Tantan has the notorious reputation of being an app which Chinese girls use only to talk to expats to practise their English.

It was also my own port-of-call when I first visited Beijing, on a month-long trip across China, last April. I swigged Yanjing beer on the pavement at 3 am with an English teacher from the UK, tried fried snake at Wangfujing with a Texan IT guy, dug into bowls of lamian at a tiny noodle shop with a Chinese graphic designer. It had been a gloriously blurry fortnight — one that had let me have all of the fun without having to deal with the mess.

There is a part of me that takes unconscious pleasure in being exotic for the first time. I languidly revel in my Otherness. But there is also a part of me which cringes intensely at being fetishised because of my race. My experience of China is tied to the colour of my skin.

indian and chinese dating

I have had people staring at me on the subway it can get tiring but it is never threatening. I have had Chinese teenage girls call me pretty and take a selfie with me, grannies telling me my eyes are piaoliang or beautiful. She spoke fluent Chinese and retaliated the first couple of times, but then, she said, it became easier to ignore.

When I think of her, I check my privilege. White is fine, maybe even a status symbol. Black or brown is not.

indian and chinese dating

The Sanlitun stabbing incident, where a Chinese woman and her French husband were attacked by a Chinese man with a sword in broad daylight allegedly because of aforementioned nationalist rage is still discussed in expat circles. Back home in Mumbai, I went all my life fitting in. Average had been a blessing.

Average build, average height, average colour of skin — I never knew what it meant to stick out like a sore thumb. The feeling of scrutiny I anticipate each time I go home with a guy, is different from the usual body-image anxiety that my women friends and I are so familiar with. Dheeraj is a year-old medical student who currently studies at Peking University, and he met his Chinese girlfriend a year ago on campus.

Besides that, their personality is very gentle, and they care about their family," Dheeraj said, adding that many of his Indian friends in China want to find a Chinese partner. Besides the business and student community, many Chinese and Indians meet each other and fall in love in a third country while they are traveling or studying abroad like Zheng and her husband Raj did. Yankee Chen, who runs a coffee shop in Beijing, met her Indian boyfriend in Malaysia while she was traveling with her friend.

Five years later, we are still together," Yankee Chen said. When Zheng first announced to her parents that she was dating a guy from India and they were going to get married, her mother cried for an entire year.

While Zheng was under pressure from her own parents, her boyfriend Raj was under even more pressure from his parents. Raj's mother also cried every day and worried about their relationship.

Arranged marriage is still the ideal choice for most Indian families.


The older generations still believe that only by arranged marriage can their children have a stable marriage and that free love is a bad thing, according to Zheng, especially since Raj is from a place that tends to be closed-up to foreign cultures, and Raj is the first person in his hometown to marry a foreign woman that he knows of.

This is due to the stereotypes the older generation has for foreign women, according to Zheng.

Why dating in Beijing is a confusing, terrifying adventure for a young Indian woman like me

The literacy rate and the internet penetration rate are not high in India, so their perception of the outside world is limited, according to Zheng. India went through a rather closed period, and the media created some stereotyped images of foreign women, like in the popular Indian movie Purab Aur Paschimthe Western women in the movie are depicted behaving rather loosely and they trick the kind, pious Indian boys, according to Zheng.

The obstacles we went through are mainly because of the misunderstandings between people from the two countries," Zheng said. Fortunately, their love for each other is determined. Zheng and Raj eloped in the US, where Raj was doing his doctorate degree. Later, due to the constant persuasion and the confirmation that they are nothing like the stereotyped images, their parents finally accepted their marriage. The many similarities With nine years of marriage and two children, Zheng said despite the misunderstandings and the stereotyped images, people from China and India actually have a lot in common in terms of the relationship in a marriage and the strong attachment and feelings to their families.

The family culture in China and India are both ones where the parents sacrifice everything to support and take care of their children, and the children take care of their parents when they are old, Zheng said.

They put their money together and make important decisions together," Zheng said. This familial culture is different from Western countries. I think because of the similar familial cultures, Raj and I get along even better," Zheng said.