I have anorexia and bulimia yahoo dating

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i have anorexia and bulimia yahoo dating

Why do guys date/marry anorexic girls and then pretend to criticize anorexia? How would you feel about dating a girl with an eating disorder. Eating Disorder Questions in Yahoo! Answers: have identified the questions about eating disorders in. Yahoo! .. number and to sort by date. Experts say the diagnosis of eating disorders should be left to In anorexia, in their minds people are thinking: 'I'm not good enough.

Then, on the weekend, I could not control my appetite. I would buy everything I dreamed of, and eat it all in one sitting. This only left me feeling more upset because I had ruined all of my hard workouts in the gym. I finally resolved my binge eating, after working with a personal trainer.

I realized that because I was burning off so many calories in my workouts, and not refueling my body properly, this was causing me to binge. Once, I understood that eating the right healthy meal after a workout was going to keep me from over eating, then I was able to control my appetite. I also learned that my feelings of stress and anxiety needed to be felt. I would stuff my self with food in order to not feel any emotions.

This only back fired and would cause me to become very depressed turning to food to feel better.

i have anorexia and bulimia yahoo dating

I finally realized that feeling anxiety is a good thing. Anxiety was letting my body know that it needed to be alert and aware of a change in my life.

Would you rather date somewith with: anorexia, bulimia or obesity?

Then, I could focus on that change and use my healthy energy to address it. Once, I started applying my energy to my anxieties and not so much to the workouts in the gym, I started to feel less stressed.

It seems like it would be the opposite, but for me I need to cut back on my exercise and take care of business.

i have anorexia and bulimia yahoo dating

If you need help finding your root cause for binge eating or if you feel that you, your child, parent, or grandparent is dealing with an eating disorder, then there is professional help for them. I can be a role model for anyone struggling with eating issues. I love to teach others the proper balance of exercise, nutrition, and self confidence. Watch my personal testimony video linked here and on my sharecare page. Send me any concerns or questions regarding these topics by email lindzkfitness yahoo.

Brad Lamm Addiction Medicine Yes. To change, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable. My elementary school principal Mr. Deep Talk In the second stage of analysis, the set of 2, questions was revisited and this time, to identify those with the Seeking Self- 1. Confession keywords anorexia, anorexic, bulimia, bulimic, and eating Expression 2.

Reflection disorder in the question title regardless of their word Seeking Help to 1. Manuscript Ideas and capture some of the fact-based, information needs expressed in the shorter questions. Questions from self- Table 1: Types of questions asked by teens in Yahoo! This resulted in a data set of Seeking Information questions.

A close reading of the questions in this data set The preponderance of questions from teens on eating helped to refine the preliminary classification scheme into disorders fall into the category of Seeking Information. That five overarching themes - Seeking Information, Seeking is, questions which seek to fill an information gap or need.

i have anorexia and bulimia yahoo dating

Factual, Answers Diagnosis, and Treatment or Intervention. Our analysis of the questions related to eating disorders that were asked by teens in Yahoo! Like Harper et al. The classification scheme, developed a book recommendations.

Table 2 on the next page provides a posteriori, emerges from the data and represents a broad typology of Factual questions, with sample questions. Rather, these categories are specific to the questions asked by teens, about eating disorders.

It is important to note that most of the questions on eating disorders in Yahoo! Answers crossed categories, demonstrating that multiple needs and purposes can be bundled into one question. This is probably reflective of the fact that questions in Yahoo!

Answers can be several hundred words long and allow the questioner to develop a narrative or argument and embed several queries into one question. It may also reflect the complexity of the problems always chew food for a long time before swallowing and feel full and bloated really quickly Type of Factual Sample Questions - I now only eat a weetabix a brand of cerealan Questions from Question Titles apple, a little bit of chocolate and about half a bowl Health Information - How much would an anorexic of pasta a day.

I AM quite conscious about my — Eating Disorders teen girl weigh if they're 5'2 and of small build? Please teens in the US suffer from an help!! Sometimes questioners sought information about a Treatment or Intervention that might help them deal with Support services - Does anyone know any Teen their eating disorder. A diagnosis real or perceived of an Hotlines For Eating Disorders?!?

In some cases, the questioner clinics? I've had an eating disorder, mostly bulimia, link? I'm in recovery but I'm falling back into it, disorders? I'm afraid to talk to my doctors about it but I'm Movies - Do you know any teen movies losing control again.

I keep skipping meals, about anorexia, or bullemia? Seeking Emotional Support - Can you go to an ivy league if Many of the questions had an element of emotional need, you have been to rehab for anorexia??? We saw two types of questions related to Seeking Emotional Support: Most of the Factual questions could be succinctly posed in Validation the question title, as the sample questions in Table 2 show.

In questions where validation is sought, the questioner But often the search for a fact was accompanied by a wider presents an opinion, argument, or explains a rationale for call for support, such as in the question below, posed by a their own behavior, and seeks confirmation from the 14 year-old. The teen titled the question as the following, answering community. One questioner should have every day? Some questions in the Seeking Information category called for more than basic facts.

The questioners sought a new Another questioner seeking validation of a point of view state of knowledge with regard to their own health status. Answers support the We termed such questions Diagnosis. In these questions the behaviors that accompany eating disorders, saying: One questioner sought a diagnosis in this other to not eat.

I see questions all the time under question: I'm not sure if I'm anorexic or etc. Then the bad thing is, people come on here, not Here are the details: I don't judge in my early teens and have a bmi of I usually feel them in their disorder. Am I over reacting about a bit chilly and have a temperature quite often. I this, or do you agree it's way out of hand?

In this case, users have turned Yahoo! Answers into Questioners also used Yahoo! Answers as a space to find their space to express or assert the essence of their solace, support, and comfort. This type of question, which personality in the context of a question that functioned as we termed Seeking Comfort, often but not always led to a Confession or Reflection.

One questioner expressed fear about Feelings of worry, anxiety, humiliation, frustration, and talking with a parent about an eating disorder a common often anger at a lack of sympathy from parents, were vented theme.

The for moral support but in the full question, the questioner question seems to function as a cathartic release, a form of calls for both moral support and advice: Tell me exactly what to say. Often a crie de coeur a cry of the heart suffer anorexia in response to the media, others and akin to keeping a journal, such questions may pose a commit to it as a means of control.

What are your seem to be the point. For example, in a very long question opinions on teen anorexia? Do you scorn anorexics describing depression, frustration, and eating disorders, the or pity them or do you just accept them? There is a call for people to contact the person of questions was homework. Accordingly we named it who posed the question directly. One questioner who Homework Help. These tasks buddy or email buddy preferably in Nor Cal but it's okay if include proofreading an essay on eating disorders, you're not from california so if you're interested leave your suggesting content for a speech on eating disorders, or email: Answers is used a resource for developing and testing a text — either fiction or non-fiction.

For example, Many of the longer questions also found themselves one questioner wrote: I am looking for personal stories.? Any stories will be allowance for long questions affords a platform for appreciated! These authors ask the community to conducting what we saw as a pseudo-diagnostic interview suggest storylines or give feedback on a manuscript.

Some with an imagined expert. Questioners, wanting to be of the questioners in this category claimed to be authors of diagnosed or seeking a treatment, seem to be aware that teen novels, although no one identified themselves by they are missing the kinds of question prompts that might name.

We wonder if professional authors really are using come from a health professional or a close confidant. Answers as a venue for gathering ideas and getting absence of such prompts, the questioners fill in the gaps feedback on storylines. Akin to keeping a journal, for these questions it Yahoo! Answers as a place to vent bundled within the same question. It was curious that many of the fact-based in a diary, the Confession or Reflection type questions questions names of web sites, good books to read, etc.

Answers as a personal could easily have been answered by searching the Web with journal rather than a question space. Perhaps the a search engine, which leads us to wonder why teens questioners were simply venting emotion, but given that so bothered to post their questions in Yahoo! Answers in the many of these questions contained references to depression, first place.

This speaks to several issues, one of which is anxiety disorders, and prescription drugs, it seems there is information credibility. Or is there another motivation here, perhaps a subtle desire to reach out and A good portion of the questions on eating disorders in connect? We saw several examples of a questioner reaching bulletin board or chat room. Answers allows out for more contact with the answering community.

And yet questions were posed that were intended to achieve this very purpose, the questioners seeming to bend Questions that seem designed to connect with answerers the design affordances to suit their own needs. Answers can only go guys.

Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask Someone With An Eating Disorder

We wondered if the questioners who expose themselves to an anonymous answer While Yahoo! Answers may not be constructed for ongoing community do end up finding the social support and conversation, it does allow for long, descriptive questions nurturing that they need.

Since many of the questions were unlike other social media services like Twitter. Since we accompanied with requests not to be rude or mean, it seems set no ceiling on the length of the questions we gathered in that questioners are well aware that the answers they our data set, we encountered some very lengthy questions indeed, some with well over words. These questions typically crossed the categories of Seeking Information receive may not be supportive or sympathetic 1.

Answers — and the nature of the questions absence of conversations with adults, where do teens find posed by teens on the topic of eating disorders.

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We safe places to gather helpful information about eating developed a classification scheme with five overarching disorders, to vent, let off some steam, and seek comfort in themes - Seeking Information, Seeking Emotional Support, knowing there are others who share their pain? Or is it just a proxy for real sharing, real Seeking Help to Complete a Task, and the sub-categories of conversation, and real relationships?

Sherry Turkle, a media factual, diagnosis, treatment or intervention, validation, scholar who has explored the relationship between humans seeking comfort, conversation starters, deep talk, and their machines, suggests that conversations with confession, reflection, homework help, and manuscript websites and robots represent a shallow substitute for the ideas.

Many of the questions about eating bad feelings become less toxic when released. Each disorders in Yahoo! But to our way of thinking, at least when it comes person. In each, something that is less than to questions from teens about eating disorders, there is conversation begins to seem like conversation. But what if lives, and seemingly, an absence of any other way to the real purpose in using Yahoo! Answers is to find a place communicate their concerns.

Answers, it seems, is to think and work things out before approaching a person? Answers is helpful or gender differences on use, concerns, and needs. In the next steps in this research, we intend to follow the trail of each Adamic L. In this way, we Answers: Oxford University health information, negative feedback from answerers, and Press. Content analysis in communication eating disorders must see some value in it. What is that research.