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Goodness Gracious Me is a BBC English-language sketch comedy show originally aired on BBC Radio 4 from to and later televised on BBC Two from to The ensemble cast were four British Indian actors, Sanjeev Bhaskar, . He even claims that Jesus was Indian as he worked for his father, and. A British sketch comedy that explores the integration of Indian and British cultures through a series of satires Goodness Gracious Me Poster .. Add content advisory for parents». Edit. Details. Country: UK. Language: English. Release Date. To celebrate Goodness Gracious Me's return to TV after more than thirteen years, it's a once-glorious Indian palace being run by a downtrodden royal and his wife. Simon tries to explain to his traditionally hearted parents that he is gay. . Shop · Discounts · Offers · Bingo · Dating · Jobs · Funeral Notices.

Writing with them was exhilarating. Sharat would conduct spectacular tangents and hilarious comic freefalls before Richard or I, our guilty pleasures assuaged, would point out that yet another deadline was looming. I envied his wit and encyclopaedic knowledge of pop culture but most of all his longstanding friendships. He had a small but perfectly formed group of people whom he had known since his school days that both enjoyed and were unconditionally supportive of his fame.

Sharat was proud of his sartorial elegance and possessed an exuberance for the finer things in life. He would wax lyrical about restaurants, holiday destinations, the latest gadgets and flashy cars, though he was disappointed by those who were merely impressed by it all, wanting people instead to enjoy and share in his good fortune, without judgement.

He was warm, compassionate and encouraging, attempting to find work for those who did not have it, but then providing a joyous distraction to those who couldn't find it. Sharat and I became friends as soon as we started working together, recognising a shared vocabulary of references and routines akin to siblings. We were holiday companions, amateur musicians and confidants, sharing our highest and lowest moments, and we became part of the fabric of each other's lives.

In the last two years, his considerable talents could not find expression for the profound grief he felt at losing one of his oldest friends, Mark Denby, to cancer and then just a year ago, his mother, to the same disease. Sharat died in hospital, surrounded by family and close friends, and would have been genuinely surprised at how many people will feel his loss. He is survived by his father, Om.

But he'll be here any second! Episode One[ edit ] An Englishman is breaking up with his Asian girlfriend, because her nationality is no longer fashionable Woman: My parents are gonna be devastated!

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I mean, how could you do this to them? I know, I know, and I love your Mum and Dad. I mean, they went perfectly with my Rajasthani coffee table. Everyone will be going on the escape disguised as German soldiers Ginger: That's a good point, Ginger. Boarding the bus to freedom Gestapo official: But I've got an engagement ring from Ravi Rao. Goddammit, bullshit to hell, yah! Well, one of us is going to have to give it back!

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KrishnaLakshmi I've heard of, but Bunty? Which gods are these? The Muslims have put down Eidtwice, and somebody has put down "Christmas Eid" and taken a day off!

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Ramadanyes; Rama Lama Ding Dong, no! Yom Kippuryes; Yam Halibut — what, are you taking the piss?! If standards do not improve, and soon, you will end up like all the other failed terrorists: