Durrani and shalom dating advice

'DASH Dolls' Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Into The Wilderness

Unsuspecting: Durrani Popal's boyfriend Shalom tells her they need to . would disown her for if the found out she was dating a Jewish man. Shamari DeVoe Thinks That Marlo Hampton's Fashion Advice “Crossed the Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi Dating Dash Dolls Star Durrani Popal's Ex Shalom . 'Shahs of Sunset' Star Golnesa 'Gg' Gharachedaghi Marries Fiance Shalom that she was dating Shalom, who is the ex-boyfriend of Dash Dolls star Durrani Popal . her ex-boyfriend, so she turns to bestie Khloe Kardashian for some advice.

What could go wrong? Welcome to the Dollhouse Several of the Dash Dolls lived in the Dash Dolls House, which, for lack of a better term, was basically a party pad—though some girls liked to party more than others. It was quickly established that Durrani and Nazy had a special bond because they were both raised Muslim and speak Farsi, while Taylor openly declared herself to be a party animal. Though they have distinct personalities, day-to-day life seemed marked by standard roommate drama: Though at first they both bonded over having attended religious schools, it turned out their religious schools were quite different—because he was Jewish and she was Muslim.

Several other Dash Dolls watched with sheer glee as Durrani and Shalom made out on the front steps when he dropped her off at home. But knowing her parents might not approve wasn't enough reason for her to put on the brakes.

When Shalom pressed Durrani to be exclusive during a subsequent date, however, she rethought that whole "not thinking about it right now" thing. She told Shalom she needed time to think about it, but he didn't like that very much and she ended up crying about the situation to Nazy outside a nightclub shortly thereafter. Ultimately, Durrani consulted with married Khadijah, who advised her to "not overthink it" and just go with it.

'DASH Dolls' Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Into The Wilderness

And that meant that when Shalom invited Durrani to join him in Las Vegas, she happily accepted. Naked and Afraid When a field trip to the Playboy mansion led to a meeting with Chris Fortuna and the twins, Malika jumped at the chance to shoot with the famed photographer. Her sister was less enthused, however — because the pictures would be in the nude. Khadijah cited two main reasons for her hesitancy. First, she felt her body wasn't where it used to be before giving birth, and second, she wasn't sure her husband would be jazzed about her showing the world her lady parts.

Caroline debuted her "lazy Rihanna" dance: Who knew Caroline Burt had these moves? The blonde Doll demonstrated her hysterical signature dance for Melody Kandil and Taylor Cuqua while they were warming up for a twerking class! Melody was a champion twerker: Taylor and Caroline had a bit of trouble mastering the instructor's exercises at their workout class, but Mel was seriously born to twerk!

Taylor was single and ready to mingle: Recently single Taylor was in the party following her split from Ryan, so all the Dolls went out for an epic girls' night. Obviously, lots of shots and dancing ensued. Malika dipped it low at DASH: While unpacking a new delivery at the store, bent over to pick up a box.

'Shahs of Sunset' Star Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi Marries

An astute observer, Nazy couldn't help but notice her boss' perfect silhouette. Durrani coerced Nazy into bringing her beau to Miami: Nazy was trying to take her new relationship nice and slow, but Durrani attempted to twist her arm to take things to the next level. So what was the first thing the Dolls did at the famous Versace mansion? Drink champagne and have a pillow fight, of course! Nazy's boyfriend defended her honor: Looks like Josh is a keeper! After a random guy insulted Nazy at the nightclub in Miami by saying he had to "get a hotter girl," Josh stood up for his woman and confronted him for his rude comment.

Oh, and did we mention Josh is tall, brawny and muscular?