Dating whiting and davis mesh bags

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dating whiting and davis mesh bags

Jul 14, This process cut the cost of a bag dramatically, so that mesh bags were Keep this in mind when attempting to precisely date Whiting & Davis. Vintage Whiting and Davis: Mesh Bags, Necklaces & More - 55 For Sale at 1stdibs. Whiting & Davis History - Our company history covering of mesh jewelry, In , Charles Whiting wove by hand the first Whiting & Davis handbag.

dating whiting and davis mesh bags

Inan office and errand boy by the name of Charles A. Whiting was hired for 9 cents an hour. Within a short ten-year span, he progressed through the ranks, serving as artisan, salesman foreman, and by was serving as the company representative for the New York office.

The small purse was crafted in plated ring mesh, roughly three inches square and featured a delicate twist closure and a simple leaf motif on the frame. The brand's iconic snake is estimated to have made its first appearance in the late s - a delicate bracelet crafted in sterling silver.

dating whiting and davis mesh bags

With the same drive that transformed metal mesh into fashion, Charles Whiting led the brand into the Twentieth Century - handbags introduced anywhere from to continue to be highly sought after styles today by collectors and fans alike.

These treasures are often discovered in consignment or antique shops and are distinguished by their intricate craftsmanship and delicate patterns. An example of this was in when Edward Davis patented new technology to improve the hinged bracelet, using two hinges on each side so a woman could open and close with ease. The bracelet featured seamless hinges and a spring, rather than a clasp which was popular at the time. Untilring mesh was crafted entirely by hand, traditionally by skilled goldsmiths.

Whiting and Davis Mesh Bag

As the demand grew, many New England families began bringing the mesh home after hours, weaving the links and rings by hand in their spare time. The technique was very slow and laborious so byCharles Whiting was eager to improve the factory's efficiency. He sought out A. Pratt, an inventor in Newark, N.

dating whiting and davis mesh bags

Click to see the details. Note the different types of mesh that were being produced in This glove was produced after a mink farm went to them seeking a glove to protect their workers from bites.

The gloves proved to be valuable in other jobs, including that of garment cutters.

Whiting and Davis Collection

During WWII Whiting and Davis helped produce radar equipment, but when the war was over they went back to handbags and other accessories such as wallets and belts. During the s they also returned to the production of jewelry.

How to Identify Whiting and Davis Bags

Throughout that time handbags were still produced, but by the s the company was steering away from handbags and jewelry and was developing more industrial safety products. Vandyke fringe, Venetian, thin, thick or looped chain, Bacchus and cut-out fringe. Some will have tassels, others metal painted tear drops. Once you have decided which styles of mesh purses call your name, seriously consider the price range that you will be comfortable spending on a purse. Do some price comparing and find a dealer that you feel is fair, offers good customer service and a return policy.

Whiting & Davis History - Our Story Since

Talk with sellers and ask questions. A reputable dealer should be eager to answer your questions, offer specific information and point out condition issues that effect the value of a purse. Buying mesh purses is an investment.

dating whiting and davis mesh bags

You will want your collection to appreciate as the market dictates. If you can't afford to buy a quality purse, I recommend saving up for one.

dating whiting and davis mesh bags

Cheap mesh purses, with wear and tear, will rarely be desired or appreciate in value. Remember, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.