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Courtship or Dating, Part 4: Purpose and Purity in Relationships Rick Holland, “ Ten Principles for a God-Centered Relationship” Pt 1 and Pt 2 Rick Holland, “ The Guided Path,” in Paths to the Love of Your Life, edited by Alex . Titus 2 models older believers instructing the younger of the same gender in. If we refuse to pray in dating, we refuse to receive the precious resources We wonder why we make the same mistakes and fall into sin over and over It is the path into having our feelings and desires tested, confirmed, and fulfilled. these single years, and if God wills, into the new country of marriage. dating is not only a way of growing up, but an indication that one is growing up. Dating can follow .. However, their engagement concept was about the same as our marriage . God condemns marrying someone outside the church. ____8.

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