Big brother 14 danielle and shane dating lisa

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating lisa

This week's live episode of Big Brother once again proved Dan is willing to finale, which will see either Dan, Ian or Danielle crowned the winner. (11) and if I'm remembering Season 3 correctly, Lisa Donahue, who make it to the . Kelloggs date, I suspect Dan knew that not only would Shane most likely. Big Brother 14 was the fourteenth season of the American reality television series Big Brother .. On Day 30, Britney, Dan, Danielle, Frank, Mike Boogie and Shane created the "Silent Six" alliance and conspired to backdoor Janelle. On Day 31 .. "'Big Brother 14' premiere date and more CBS summer programming – Zap2it" . The third placed Big Brother contestant on her fatal flaw. 'Big Brother' USA Danielle Murphree talks Shane romance, Dan, more. The third.

Dan mentions they have 16 hours to go. Danielle asks him when this is over will he miss her. Dan smirks says no. Dan tells her they will always be able to communicate with twitter. Quack Duck tales Whoohooo… Danielle. Dan says the Headhunters was one of Joes secret alliances.

Ian never heard of it. Dan asks her Ian: Dan likes her much more now than after watching Big Brother He did a endurance competition off his porch for a hour.

Ian says his brother helped him out. Dan tells him that Danielle was getting a bit sad when they were playing cards. He wishes 3rd place gets more money it sucks that she made it this far and to get cut right at the end. Dan wonders why she used a IUD and not the pill. Danielle says the pill messes with her thyroid and she has ovarian cysts. Danielle jokes that it was day 8 when she first took a shower without Ian sitting in the bathroom.

Danielle thinks it was because KAra and her were the only 2 people that would talk to him. One by one, the coaches were called into the Diary Room whether to hit the "Reset Button" or not.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating lisa

Britney, Dan and Janelle chose to hit the button, while Mike Boogie did not. With the vote of 3—1, the coaches were reverted to HouseGuest status and Joe and Frank were spared eviction.

All hounded HouseGuests then began to participate in the " Walk the Plank " HoH endurance competition, in which the HouseGuests had to hold on to a bar. If they fell from the plank, they would be eliminated. On Day 28, Danielle nominated Frank and Wil for eviction. Later, Boogie made a huge pitch to Danielle by using the veto and backdoor his long-time rival Janelle. So Dan made an offer to her, if Frank gets vetoed, then Joe goes up.

But when Janelle refused to answer, Dan knew that the possibility of all 4 coaches working together has blown up and he has no choice but to accept Boogie's offer on backdooring Janelle.

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On Day 31, Danielle went through with the plan and used the Power of Veto on Wil and put up Janelle as a replacement nominee. On Day 34, Janelle was evicted by an 8 to 1 vote with Joe as her only vote and became the first returning HouseGuest to leave the show and also marking the first time Janelle has not reached the final three.

Frank played in her spot. On Day 35, Frank nominated Joe and Wil for eviction. But when Boogie heard about this from Frank, he said to Frank, "If you put up Dan, then it's 8 versus 2 and it's game over for us. On Day 41, Wil was evicted by a 6 to 2 vote. The first HouseGuest to fill up the HoH jug with liquid and release the cork would win.

There were two other jugs as well. But Ian went on to warn them about Boogie and Frank and they cannot be trusted anymore.

After the nomination ceremony, Boogie and Frank were lashing at Dan believing he was the mastermind behind their nominations. But unbeknownst to them, their ally Ian was the "wolf in sheep's clothing. Frank then used the Veto to save himself from nominations and Shane chose to nominate Jenn as the replacement. For the first of the two evictions, Mike Boogie was evicted by a vote of 5—2.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating lisa

Frank then won his third straight Power of Veto of the season in " Somewhere Over The Veto " and took himself off the block. Ian named Joe as the replacement nominee. At the end of the second eviction, Ashley was evicted by a vote of 5—1 and became the first member of the jury.

Frank decided to choose Dan. On Day 49, Frank was given an option to open Pandora's Box. Ian got the ball and won the veto, but in doing so he sacrificed his chance to play in the week's POV competition. Later that day, Frank chose to nominate Dan and Danielle for eviction. On Day 50, the HouseGuests with the exception of host Ian, who had to sit out since he already had the Golden Ball of Veto, and Joe, who wasn't chosen played in the Power of Veto competition Draw Somethingwhich was made after the app of the same name.

Jenn won her first competition of the summer after Frank was disqualified from the competition for whispering an answer to Britney during her turn. On Day 51, in one of the greatest game moves in "Big Brother" history, Dan came up with a master plan to get himself off the block by hosting his own "funeral" after having 24 hours of solitary confinement to think on how he was going to get out of this mess.

First, he gathered everyone in the living room and paid compliments to his fellow HouseGuests. He thanked Joe for teaching him how to be a good husband, called Shane the "real" Captain America, and told Jenn that she was the first lesbian he'd ever met and that he appreciated how much she has touched his heart.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating lisa

He bonded with Britney over their status as newlyweds praised Ian for making the experience of being in the Big Brother house more fun. To Frank, Dan said that he wanted to apologize one-on-one after the funeral about some things he had said.

However, for Danielle, he said that he thought that she had similar qualities to Dan's closest friend and ally Memphis Garrett from Big Brother 10, but he found out that he was wrong. He said to her that "You'll never earn my trust back, you know what you did, and in this game you are dead to me. They manage to strike a final two deal and proposed a new alliance with Jenn and Danielle. Following this, he did some damage control to Danielle about the "funeral" and said that it was all an act and he used her emotions just to get them further in the game.

Then, he said that he wanted to work with Frank and Jenn along with her.

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Thus, the two then went to Jenn in hopes of her using the veto to remove Dan from the block. On Day 52, Ian decided not to use his veto, while Jenn went through with the plan and Britney was shockingly put up as the replacement nominee, completely blindsiding Ian and Britney. On Day 55, Britney was evicted by a vote of 4—1, only receiving the vote of Ian and became the second member of the jury. In the competition, players had to hold onto a rope as it moved around a sun on the ground.

Joe, for being the first to drop, was given a hula hoop and was required to use it every time Big Brother sounded Reveille. It was revealed that 5 hours before the previous live show began, Ian tells Dan he wants to reunite the Quack Pack and to tell him that he's not mad at Dan for what he did this week, but his main concern is that Dan will try to work with Frank and Jenn along with Danielle.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating lisa

Ian outlasted all the HouseGuests and won HoH less than two hours later. On Day 56, Pandora's Box was presented again and Ian opted to open it, releasing small presents along with a new hammock for the backyard. However, Big Brother 10 and 11's Jessie Godderz was also released into the house, replacing all of their junk food and snacks with healthy, organic food for the week.

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On Day 56, Ian nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction. On Day 59, Dan decided to return the favor to Jenn who vetoed him last week and used the Veto on her. Ian nominated Joe in her place. On Day 62, it was revealed to the HouseGuests that it was another double eviction night.

For the first of two evictions, Frank was evicted by a vote of 3—1 and became the third member of the jury, with Jenn being the only voter to evict Joe. Ian then won the " Swimming with Sharks " Power of Veto competition and removed himself from the block. Dan named Danielle as the replacement nominee. At the end of the second double eviction, Joe was evicted by a vote of 3—0 and became the fourth member of the jury.