Beck and tori dating

beck and tori dating

After a group activity falls apart Tori and Beck decide to go on an "Opposite Date" where they do things that people would never do on a REAL date. Jade asks why Tori cared so much about Beck getting hurt, and she said that she figures that he suffers enough pain dating her. This makes Jade angry, and. Tori- New student and Loving Andre- loves music. Beck- Dating jade for now and Friends w/ alot of people. Sikowites- Teacher that does stupid things.

Beck leaned in closer and kissed her fully on the lips, immediately deepening the kiss and lowering her back onto the pillow on which they just had spent their whole afternoon on after school. Beck licked her lips, asking for entrance once again. She granted him entrance and their tongues battled for dominance.

Tori won, which Beck found an incredible turn on.

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His pants began to feel tighter and he quickly pulled away, leaving her confused and a bit hurt. He sat upstraight, which made her feel even more rejected. She sat up too and put her hand on his shoulder, softly rubbing it with her thumb. Did I do something? Beck turned his head to her and shook his head quickly, reaching over to her and carressing her face, making her lean in to his touch.

I don't want to rush us into something and then regret it later, Tori.

beck and tori dating

I love you, but we've only been dating for like a year," he kissed her forehead and moved his hand lower to rest it on her lower back, "Like you said before, maybe we should stop now.

He looked at her with wide eyes, her question was so bold he could barely believe those words came out of Tori Vega's mouth. Make love to me too. Beck, make love to me. Then he pulled away. Or maybe if she doesn't mom and. He silently sighed in contentment, a small smile appearing on his face. His girlfriend, who he loved very much, was ready to make this first step of hers with him. He worried if she was really ready and if she hasn't been saying that she was ready just to please him, but Beck couldn't ponder about it too much as he suddenly felt his pants being unzipped.

She reached over to him and put her finger on his lips before she leaned more closer to him and kissed him tenderly. His pants, already unzipped, popped open after Tori unbuttoned it, but instead of removing his pants, she simply smiled shyly at him and reached to unbutton his plaid shirt. Beck looked at the girl in front of him, one moment she's all seductive like and the next she's turned into the shy high school girl.

He took her right hand to keep it from shaking and gave it a kiss as a reassurance. He nibbled on it for a second before he continued in her ear, "just let me lead the way tonight.

This time, he moved closer to her neck. He started kissing a sensitive spot, then he licked and then he bit. Tori's breath hitched and at the same time she released a small moan. Beck smiled with his eyes closed and started to pull of his shirt, showing his bare chest. He stopped kissing her neck and leaned back to see the result.

Three hickies were spread on three different places. He smiled smugly before he stood up from to bed. Tori, noticing that nothing was happening right now, opened her eyes. Only to see Beck in nothing but his boxershorts, the bulge in it not subtly showing itself to her. Her cheeks colored a soft pink and Beck let out a small laugh. He sat down on the bed and moved closer to her, "No need to be embarrassed. He placed himself between her knees and left Tori's lips to move down to her collarbones.

Tori let out small noises when she felt Beck leaving hickies on her neck and on her collarbone while he slowly let his hand wander down to the rest of the unbuttoned buttons of her blouse. He slid it off her shoulders and Tori sat up a bit to pull off her blouse completely.

He threw it on the floor and immediately kissed the valley between her bra- covered-breasts, making Tori take in a sharp breath and relax further into the bed. Beck kissed his way lower and lower, kissing her belly, her navel and then when he reached the button of her jeans, he popped it open and slowly took off her jeans, leaving her in her bra and panties. Beck looked at Tori and he felt his erection twitch in his boxers. His girlfriend was breathing heavily with her eyes closed and her mouth open, waiting for the pleasure that was sure about to come.

He leaned down again and kissed her deeply, Tori responding immediately. He palmed her right breast under de bra cup and moved his thumb over her nipple, making it hard. Tori detached her lips from Beck's and let out a quiet: Once he managed to do it, he slowly lowered it down her arms, his eyes looking hungrily at her perfect round breasts. Meanwhile, Tori had opened her eyes and looked at Beck in desire, her chest moving up and down as she tried to keep her breathing calm.

Beck couldn't take it anymore and lowered his mouth to her left breast, sucking her nipple while tweaking the other one of her other breast. Beck hummed while sucking her nipple. Consequently making Tori buck her hips to his. He reached down to her thighs and traced circles up until he reached the rim of her matching white-lace-panties.

He slowly pulled it down, down her legs, past her ankles and on the floor. He looked down and then at her face, seeing a slight blush forming on her cheekbones. He leaned down to kiss her deeply before he reached down with his hand to trace down past the little pubic hair and then between her slit. Tori's eyes closed and her mouth opened wide in pleasure as Beck circled her clit slowly.

Beck only chuckled and did what she asked. He began rubbing her up and down her slit and placed two fingers at her entrance, Tori being already wet down there. Beck laughed at how cute she was. Ever since they forgot Robbie on their way to the beach, Cat's been super paranoid about keeping him in the loop with everything they're doing. She looked away suspiciously. Cat quickly typed vigorously on her keyboard and soon Robbie joined the conversation.

Won't they just kiss already? Tori suddenly saw Jade come into screen.

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How were they going to finish this project now? Tori rolled her eyes hopelessly.

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Still not over the breakup, obviously. God, they were only in a conference for like, five minutes and they were already getting absolutely nothing done. Everyone mumbled in agreement. Beck's gorgeous hair is distracting… Mood: D "Okay, so what do we have so far? God, it was already past 10 and they only had 4 out of the 7 pages they needed. So what if then the mom says—" "Hahahaha!

Cat tapped a few buttons and suddenly her little screen was filled with rainbow colors. Look at me, I'm spinning clockwise!

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She looked at Beck imploringly. Tori smiled at him and his authoritativeness. Jade laughed and smiled at him.

Jade pursed her lips and looked away, clearly hurt.

beck and tori dating

Tori felt very awkward and wondered if she should be watching this. Tori sat back and sighed. Tori and Beck rolled their eyes and Cat giggled and clapped her hands excitedly. Trina rolled her eyes at the smaller, boy version of herself and turned to the boy's dad.

Trina scoffed and took off her seatbelt. Beck and Robbie groaned at the sight. Tori smiled to herself a little.

beck and tori dating

Even though she and Beck had been dating for a few weeks now, it still made her all tingly when he used the "G" word. Soon he and the kid began a stare-down. Tori rolled her eyes, secretly excited that Beck was getting jealous over an eight-year-old. She grabbed the kid's face and pushed him away to end the non-existent tension. Tori looked back at Beck. Psh, I'm not jealous of that nub. Tori smiled at him.

Tori and Beck stared at Robbie, annoyed. Cat, noticing the awkwardness, started laughing nervously, though Tori guessed that she had no idea what the joke was. Frantically, she signed off to go call Robbie. Tori smiled to herself. God, when were they gonna just date already?

beck and tori dating

Tori's mouth dropped — she just realized that half their group was gone, and they were barely halfway finished with their script! Beck looked at her sympathetically. I'll finish the script, you just get some sleep, I'll see you Monday, kay?

Beck's finishing the project. I've got the BEST boyfriend ever! Sleepy…zZz "God it's almost 1am, I can't wait to get home and go to bed! Why, where did you want to go?

beck and tori dating

Tori walked up to Beck's RV and rang the doorbell. She smiled to herself and thought about how all of the amazing milestones in her relationship with Beck have taken place here, in Beck's RV.

Their first kiss, the first time they said they loved each other… "Tori? What are you doing here? When Tori pulled away Beck's eyes opened up more.