Are kareena and bobby dating service


are kareena and bobby dating service

Jab We Met,Shahid Kapoor,Kareena Kapoor original choices for the film were not Kareena and Shahid, but Bobby Deol and Ayesha Takia. Details about AJNABEE PRESS BOOK BOLLYWOOD BOBBY DEOL AKSHAY KUMAR KAREENA KAPOOR $ Mail Service from India | See details. Bobby Deol said, "I wish I knew that I had reached the level up with two-three said he wished he had 'noticed his stardom,' reports news agency PTI. and Humraaz are some of Bobby Deol's best-known work till date. Inside Sara Ali Khan's Christmas Celebrations With Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor.

A lot of actors had reportedly refused the role because of less screen time. Not just the receptionist, he even played the role of a security guard in the same film!

The film was originally titled Punjab Mail. The character of Geet was inspired by a girl Imtiaz Ali met on a bus in Delhi. She was from Delhi and she was incessantly talking and she was talking in a way that About not going out when on her period — and then she said main itna kuch bol rahi hoon iska matlab yeh nahin hai ki aap kuch galat socho The film was such a resounding hit that the screen-count increased in its fourth weekafter Saawariya, the launch-pad of Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, failed to create magic at the box-office.

But then he told me it was the fourth or fifth most important character in the film. The role I am playing needs to add something to the film. But the truth is going to blow your mind. The film was actually never shot in Ratlam!

We were shooting Ratlam in Manali, which I would avoid today.

10 years of Jab We Met: 10 things you didn’t know about Shahid- Kareena’s last film as a couple

We never went to Ratlam to shoot and we cheated many places. Manali has been shot in Shimla, and Shimla has been shot in Manali.

are kareena and bobby dating service

Vikram notices Raj looking at Sonia and casually talks to him about wife swappingthis upsets Raj and an argument breaks out between the two men. However, a couple of days later, they resolve their issues and become friends again.

are kareena and bobby dating service

On Vikram's birthday, the two men celebrate by getting drunk together, sharing bottles of alcohol. The next morning Raj goes jogging in order to work off his hangover and imagines Vicky convincing Priya to go ahead with Wife Swapping and making sex throughout the night.

After some time, Sonia is found dead, and Raj is accused of her murder since his fingerprints are found on the murder weapon - an alcohol bottle. Determined to prove his innocence, Raj manages to escape from court, and is chased by the Swiss police. Watch Dosti | Prime Video

He meets Priya, who eventually believes his innocence and aids him in finding out what really happened. He decides to search Vikram's house, only to be interrupted by Vikram, who calls the police and then reveals that everything was planned in advance. Raj escapes in Vikram's car with Priya.

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Raj finds a boarding pass that belongs to Sonia Bajaj, which states that Sonia arrived in Zurich on 29 December — however, Sonia was supposedly murdered on that night.

Raj suspects her to be the woman he saw with Vikram, traveling to Geneva together. Working with the insurance agent, Raj traces Vikram to a cruise ship. There, he sees Vikram dancing with a woman who is revealed to be 'Sonia', alive and well. Raj confronts Vikram, who finally explains the whole devious plan - the woman whom he kissed in Mauritus was his actual wife Sonia Bajaj Mink Brarwhile the woman with him that Priya and Raj were introduced to in Switzerland is his girlfriend Neeta Bipasha Basu.