Are emily haines and james shaw dating

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are emily haines and james shaw dating

Emily Haines has nothing to do with Wolf Alice, but a victory for a Joshua Winstead, Joules Scott-Key, Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric Keep up to date using Android and iOS apps for Smartphone and Tablet. Emily Haines and James Shaw(Metric): Before there was Metric, it was Lucky for us, though, Sonic Youth is still up and running to date after. Emily Haines and James Shaw discuss the murky waters of the internet />.

It anchors us to our daily lives. It had nothing to do with the phone per say, so tell me, Justin, when you heard the lyrics initially what were some of the visuals that came to your mind that led to the concept? We actually sat down all of us and started brainstorming. The world is empty at that hour.

Emily Haines Was Married All The Time; Who Is Her Husband?

We also visually talk about not having any color. Is that a phone feature, black and white? I did the black and white in post. Did you get each of the members to pick their opening location? So that was particularly impressive, I have to say, even though the video comes across as very spontaneous and off the cuff, and that was definitely the energy.

are emily haines and james shaw dating

Where was it shot and how far away were you from each other? And was there a crew at all, or was it really just you and the phone, and I assume lighting? We just wanted to choose some iconic locations, so a Chinese restaurant, a motel, Jimmy was walking over an overpass, just these iconic memorable, ambiguous places that exist everywhere in the world. In terms of crew, we had just one sort of superhero helping us.

It was a very light crew. We were moving fast. It was basically me and one other guy. I started off the interview with just how terrible I am using my video features on my iPhone. You did the Shad video as well with the iPhone X.

are emily haines and james shaw dating

Yeah, I think so. I have a good eye and I have a lot of experience with tons of different cameras. At the end of the day, it comes down to framing and lighting. Oh, I actually did that this morning.

are emily haines and james shaw dating

I told you not to! In some ways, things like Twitter make it easier for artists to directly represent themselves, but I imagine it's easy for you to send something on the spur of the moment, and then regret it.

If we were to physically represent the internet and the behaviour, like take a room, and have people act out what they're doing and saying, it would just be hell. It would just be drunk people like, shouting things.

And the word trolling is extremely misleading, because a troll is like a cute little doll, with the little hair that goes up, I'd love to see a troll - but it actually should be called abuse because that's what it actually is. It's called abusive behaviour, and you should not do it. You're picturing a gnome. Those are sort of trolls too, right? I think gnomes have hats, trolls have hair. Oh yeah, maybe, maybe. Or maybe it's the other way round Watch the first part of Gigwise's interview with Metric below Emily, you said when you started out, "I was completely limiting myself by thinking that it's superficial to be a woman and wear a fucking skirt.

There's a bit of a feeling, for me, for the time-span of my career and what I've witnessed as a woman in music, and very much wanting to participate equally, which in my opinion was as a girl. I'm not being equal by being a guy.

But then what's unfolded over the past while is not really that exciting to me.

James Shaw (musician)

It used to be like, 'Man, where are all the women? I guess it's a genre thing of women in rock, but as it's evolved and pop music has dominated, it's like, oh there's girls! They're just all in their underwear. And it's not giving me the same feeling of being any sort of move forward. It's kind of like, 'Look how empowered you are.

are emily haines and james shaw dating

You're wearing a G-string on stage. Because I am a writer and a musician first. I don't want to be a dude, but I'm not feeling the lingerie look either. But then there's the sense that women get shamed whether they choose to cover up or not I guess it's that thing of like, everybody do whatever anybody wants to feel empowered, I just think it would be cool if you were the most powerful woman in music, or you're getting paid millions of dollars and you're on top of the world, that you felt like you could wear a shirt.

Did you read the story about Chvrches recently? They released the video for 'Leave A Trace', and Lauren Mayberry got sent a link to a 4Chan forum that was calling her a 'slut' and a 'whore', because she has wet hair in the video and a dress. She tweeted it saying, 'If you don't think misogyny exists, then - EH: It's true, on the other side, you have this total prudishness.

It's like, as a girl, it's your problem that other people can't handle your nipples. For me from the outside, which it would have to be because I'm a man, it just seems to me that if you can make it - and it's a tough line to ride - but if you make it part of your arc, if you can make it part of your statement, what you wear, then it's great, regardless of what it is, whether it's everything or nothing.

If it's being used as a way to sell a different statement then it gets really dicey and strange.

are emily haines and james shaw dating