18b relative dating answers and questions

18B Relative Dating

18b relative dating answers and questions

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18B Relative Dating

Difference between relative visas. This is often due to erosion. Erosion by water or wind removes sediment from exposed surfaces. Erosion often leaves a new flat surface with some of the original material missing. Sediments are originally deposited in horizontal layers. Any feature that cuts across rock layers is younger than the layers. Sedimentary layers or lava flows extend sideways in all directions until they thin out or reach a barrier.

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Any part of a previous rock layer, like a piece of stone, is older than the layer containing it. C Sequencing events in a geologic cross-section Understanding how a land formation was created with its many layers of soil begins with the same time-ordering process you used in Part 1.

18b relative dating answers and questions

Geologists use logical thinking and geology principles like the ones described in Part 2 to determine the order of events for a geologic formation. Cross-sections of Earth, like the one shown below, are our best records of what has happened in the past. Rock bodies in this cross-section are labeled A through H. One of these rock bodies is an intrusion. Intrusions occur when molten rock called magma penetrates into layers from below.

The magma is always younger than the layers that it penetrates. Likewise, a fault is always younger than the layers that have faulted. A fault is a crack or break occurs across rock layers, and the term faulting is used to describe the occurrence of a fault. The broken layers may move so that one side of the fault is higher than the other. Faulted layers may also tilt. Put the rock bodies illustrated below in order based on when they formed.

Relative to the other rock bodies, when did the fault occur? D How do they know what is down there? The cross section diagram from part 3 shows various geologic features present underground very clearly.

But how do geologists know what is down there? To get a clear understanding of what is underground geologists extract core samples from the ground. A core sample is a solid cylinder of the material that makes up the ground itself.

18b relative dating answers and questions

Geologists obtain a core sample by drilling down into the ground with a large, hollow drill bit.